Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inked Colture

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

hop skip and a jump to skunx

so, as many of you may have realised my life has been slightly hectic of late, hence the lack of blogs, and the lack of time to ramble. i have some rambling time right now though, so thought i better get a moving. (i sound like woody guthrie... dont i?!)

so first up, i shall be transferring studios this month. I will no longer be tattooing at Flamin' 8 as of the 16th of July, so if u have work you want doing... i would get a wriggle on to book in with me there.

Dont fret if you cant though, coz i will be staying in London, not too far away, working at the ever awesome Skunx in Angel. Thats right folks, i can only hope i too will soon have my mug adorning that front page surrounded by blue. woop woop.... very exciting!

In other news, i shall be doing a guest spot at Forevermore in Glasgow from the 27th of July til the 6th of August... contrary to what their website says.... but dont fret i have just texted the owner to resolve that blip aka what could have been the longest guest spot ever recorded.

wowza. so what now? some tattoos? some news on what i been up to?

tattoos. best you lot dont know what i've been getting up to of late....

wow. i had no idea how long it musta been since i blogged any work.

oh, and i got my front started.
it hurt like ... what i can only imagine being dragged across tarmac for 2.8 miles behind a speeding vehicle feels like.

Friday, June 15, 2012

i'll start at the end...

the end

my god, it has been so long since i blogged. not quite sure what happened, but it just felt like so much had happened, and so much time had passed, that i didnt even know where to begin.

so here it begins...

ummm.... so, about a month ago i went to Dartmouth for the Dart Music Festival. I seemed to only take pictures of furniture, doorways, and my dog... so here are some pics of me n harry drinking odd beverages. it'll have to suffice.

oh i also took some photos from the castle....

bought a kickass wooden tankard for simon, who i met for a roast as soon as i got back to london. he fashioned it well.... haha

we were chucking loose change in it. he sounded like a 1 man band. 

the weekend after, i went to a comicon... with Hana and her beau, Jim.

more odd drinks...

one half of the bakewell brothers wrestling hana...

hana and jonathon ross (lmao... good effort)

me n jimmy carr who i totally fancy and am a little in love with.

love this...

oh, and i got simon's deadpool comics signed by ian churchill, and we started chatting about pencils, and i ended up holding up the queue coz he drew me a SKETCH! too awesome.

so then the week after that, me and kerry went to the south of france for a week, staying with my dad...

the first day we drove into spain...

crazy buildings, absolutely stunning.

there's some sorta pilgrimage running through the area we were in, and needless to say.... a hell of a lot of religious artwork n stuff. (pun intended). beautiful churches and cathedrals, i took so many photos...

there's too much to say about france. it was amazing. i'll leave it at that... and just post more pics...

ferris bueller tribute. 10 points to kez for keeping a straight face. especially if u could see the group of decrepid old farts on the tour with us!

the food. my god.... THE FOOD!

twas my dads birthday while we were over, and i am pretty sure he think i forgot. little did he know i can prepared, and me n kez blew up a whole pack of ballons at 2 am for him to discover when he woke up in the morning. 

got back to london, it was raining, and i found out some shitty news that i wont go into.... but i got the WICKEDEST package at work my first day back from Kaye :)
totally awesome.

right, seems the work day is over, and i no longer have internet at home... so til next time.... 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

hot off the nib!

Gather round folks, for i have a sight to see.... all 3 of these little critters, ( Bearded tit,  Superfly, and Cat'a'pilla) will be available for indelible marking into your skin the week of the 14th to the 18th May for the measly sum of 100 of the Queen's pounds. (seriously, go mug her.... i want HER pounds and hers ONLY) call the studio to book in! 

click to enlarge

your mind...

Monday, May 7, 2012

long week (end)

Right, so... where do i start? i suppose star wars day... i dressed accordingly mind...

had kaye booked in for some work in the afternoon, and we finished early enough to go have some afternoon cocktails.
afternoon cocktails, on a friday afternoon. cant really beat that.... but we sure did manage, coz we had afternoon cocktails... sat by a white piano... surrounded by elderly men. 

fuckin amazing.


so i headed back to work to draw up saturdays tattoo, and simon came to collect me from work to head over to Liverpool street for the first Take Warning show that's happened in a good... 8, 9, maybe even 10 years.

had some time to kill, so i had dinner in a fish bar... on WILSON street!!!
(for those of u who don't understand my excitement... just read on and don't fret)

My god, the nostalgia. i cant even begin to describe. Shame there weren't that many of the old CBR about, but there was enough to make it weird and wonderful.

here's good ol' mike posing next to a super fancy poster for the night.

mikes dad came along and was singing along to his set which was 
a) awesome
b) adorable
c) amazeballs

triple A.

the venue had some crazy ass old taxidermy from the bar back in the day. it was all incredible, and i wanted it all. 

was a joyous night, and was great to see Babar play, coz i havent seen him play for a good 8, 9, 10 years too.

here's a swanky pic of mike, craig, oli and barbar i did with my swanky new phone which i still haven't grown tired of.

so that was that. 

on Saturday, Rory surprised me at work with a slice of cake. totally made my day...

and on sunday, me n simon went for a roast in highgate. wasn't sure i'd even leave barnet, as the tube is down, and i gotta bus it everywhere, but seeing as today is a bank holiday, i figured i'd go stir crazy if i didn't leave my comfortable concrete encasement...

was good to get out, even if i did have to get buses everywhere and waste a heap of time...

rad door knocker we passed. 

and cute print out reservation for our table!

i figured i'd go for the beef, seeing as simon is my red meat coach ... but i met the meat... and we didnt get along so well. in fact... i think the conversation went something like this (between me and simon... not me and the clarify) 

S: how is it?
J : i am getting disturbed by the noises i can hear in my mouth when i chew that i have never heard before.
S : i dont even know what that means.

anyways, i gave it my all.... and milo was lucky enough to witness 'my all' not really being much... coz i think he ate more meat than me. and didn't even chew. i need to figure out how he does it... coz that seemed to be my main mental obstacle (besides the fact a knife couldn't cut through said beef.... ) but the fact i chewed one piece over 40 times, and STILL had to swallow it whole... just seems wrong to me. 
but what do i know, i'm new to eating this beef mallarcky.

anyways... then i had dessert...

i gave it my all, and simon was lucky enough to witness 'my all' not really being much... coz he had to finish it off.

so then we went to what i think i can catagorically say was the worst pub in hightgate... before ending up in what i reckon is the weirdest.... 

nice ... weird... little pub crawl.

today i am not leaving barnet. i have been mooching, and doing laundry, and hanging paintings,  and scrubbing moss off my terrace, and beating my sonic high score on sega, and watching documentaries, and walking the dog... i actually got a lot done today... and it's only 3pm.

time for a nap maybe. 

til next time.