Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inked Colture

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

hop skip and a jump to skunx

so, as many of you may have realised my life has been slightly hectic of late, hence the lack of blogs, and the lack of time to ramble. i have some rambling time right now though, so thought i better get a moving. (i sound like woody guthrie... dont i?!)

so first up, i shall be transferring studios this month. I will no longer be tattooing at Flamin' 8 as of the 16th of July, so if u have work you want doing... i would get a wriggle on to book in with me there.

Dont fret if you cant though, coz i will be staying in London, not too far away, working at the ever awesome Skunx in Angel. Thats right folks, i can only hope i too will soon have my mug adorning that front page surrounded by blue. woop woop.... very exciting!

In other news, i shall be doing a guest spot at Forevermore in Glasgow from the 27th of July til the 6th of August... contrary to what their website says.... but dont fret i have just texted the owner to resolve that blip aka what could have been the longest guest spot ever recorded.

wowza. so what now? some tattoos? some news on what i been up to?

tattoos. best you lot dont know what i've been getting up to of late....

wow. i had no idea how long it musta been since i blogged any work.

oh, and i got my front started.
it hurt like ... what i can only imagine being dragged across tarmac for 2.8 miles behind a speeding vehicle feels like.