Saturday, July 31, 2010

For fuck's sake.

OK, i am getting REALLY pissed of with finding more and more shitty copies of my work online. some have been literally, the exact same design, just tattooed really shitty, and some are just blatant rip off's by people with either no imagination, or no artistic talent....or most likey....BOTH.

what the fuck is up with just going to you local tattoo shithole and asking someone to copy SOMEONE ELSES TATTOO?! it's just as bad as going to your plastic surgeon with a photo of someone else..... "make me look like this" know what kinda people do that?


anyways, i might be jumping the gun on this one, but remember this piece i did ages ago? it just me or is this a really shitty version of exactly that?!

oh, and the website i found it on.... has an option to download a tattooable image of the owl tattoo. AWESOME.....really fuckin' A. douchebags

teenage mutant hippie turtles.....

"heroes in a half shell!"

so no medals for the person who figures out why this turtle is a little slow on the get go! weird fun little tattoo i just did.

it woulda been way more fun if my FAVORITE liner hadn't decided to go and bust a spring. totally sucks, i loved that 2nd hand hunk o' junk, and even though there's a new spring, it's ..... weird. i think it's a goner..... *sob* so now i gotta use all the liners i never really got round to running in/ tuning up perfect and well..... it kinda sucks. that's a lie. it BLOWS.

tomorrow i got super fun stuff booked in, it's all pirate themed.... i even squeezed a filthy thievin' parrot into the mix. uh huh!

speaking of pirates, danny came in a few weeks ago, and ross took some "healed" photos of his leg. (they are so not healed, they are super shiny, and the hairs still scabby) but whatever.... here's the "healed" pic.....

besides it not being healed, i have to say i am super happy with how the grey wash healed. i normally never use washes, but now i seen how it heals..... i probably still will never use washes, but it's nice to know i can. so there.

anyways, i'm shutting up for the day (the shop and my mouth) coz i gotsta go join ross and Live Fast Die! band practice. yeah, you read right....i said "join".

"why" you ask....

well, because they are playing rockit festival and the only way to get a free ticket and get backstage is if u r in a band.... and seeing as arthur has to work.... i think they could use some vocal back up. right?! yeah..................

oh, that reminds me, Star Crossed are selling tickets for the Friday at Rockit, so you know where to come lay your grubby little hands on them now!

til tomorrow y'all.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

little splash o' colour brightens up the grey

so yesterday was crazy ass thunder n lighting all day. this means we had no tv and no internet, so we went out..... with Milo. he rocked, he normally hates the rain but we figured a way to help......

suns just about come out today, between the rain, but the mail brightened up my day! at first glance it may look like a reconstituted My Little Pony... but no.... it's shit loads of SHARPIES! hell yeah! i got colours i didnt even know they made! THANKS JILL!

anyways, gotsta open the shutter and let those customers in, but one more quick photo......

milo seems to think our business cards are edible. awesome....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

wave goodbye!

so finally got the tattoo i did on Tim Holehouse spliced together......

Was a pleasure having him, and looking forward to his infamous veggie burritos in London!

born from pain

so this is what i got up to yesterday... (was gonna do a sepearte post for the gig, but the name kinda works well!)

after which we went to go see 'Born From Pain' play. awesome show, awesome guys.

ended up taking them to Amazonia, and i ended up hanging with Pete who owns Times of Grace.... talking Morrissey and tattoos. He was also kind enough to lend a hand and get a photo of this.....

seriously.... speechless.....

Not a bad night!

bark like a dog

quick post of the painting i finished yesterday.


Friday, July 23, 2010

black reign vs. black rain

ok, quick post before i head home....

so this week ross had his Black Reign CD launch party at hidden agenda. it was a pretty big line up, so i'll only mention the 2 overseas artists.... Horatio Polard and Timothy C Holehouse. I was doing the merch for these 2 chaps so the majority of the night my view consisted of this.....

Anyways, i found someone to cover for me while Black Reign played, and i caught Tim and Horatio's sets, so all wasn't lost. Here's a few pictures i took on the night.....

In other news i think i may have just bought something AWESOME online, but i aint gonna post what it is til it's been shipped..... coz stuff like this can fall through..... *fingers crossed all goes well*

Anyways, a thank you to all my customers who braved the Black Rainstorm warning this week! thats what i call dedication! 10 points all round! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

afternoon quickie

too busy to blog this week, what with all the work, all the backed up design work, all the gigs, and Tim being here...... BAH!

anyways, today was meant to be a designated drawing day, but i got a fun walk in and couldn't say no. it was pretty darn small, on a wrist. i think the whole thing is barely bigger than 3 inches.....

anyways, i spent last night tattooing tim after hours, but that's a different post. it needs photoshopping together coz it's a wrap-around. anyways, off to see Tim play the Wanch in a few hours. gonna be a good'un!

here's the man behind the beard.....doing what he'll be doin a little later.

Tim's playing a noise set tomorrow night at hidden agenda.... so here's a sample of that too.....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

why not?

so i get asked to draw some weird stuff, this time, it was a skull and a dolphin making a heart shape. the girl in question really liked this tattoo i did a while back, which is where she came up with the idea.

quite a challenge to make this work.... i think it came out pretty cute! sat pretty well for a nippy little spot right up on the back o' the neck.

i doubt i'll make it coz of work, but tomorrow night at rockschool there's an acoustic gig on at rockschool,featuring the wonderous tim holehouse, dirty dan and the 7 seas, tiff lau and gabe,and 6 pack of wolves. should be a goodun'!

Friday, July 16, 2010

bow chicahuahua

so instead of posting todays tattoo i'll be posting the painting i started instead. long story short, a guy was gonna get a colour portrait of king kong (awesome huh!?) but he rocked up for the appointment and decided he wants it in the same style as this piece i did a while back. so had to push his appointment back a week or so for prep work and all that jazz.

so yeah, new painting started and lined. (don't fret comission work waiting list. they are STARTED! and i'll have you know photocopiers aren't the easiest thing to make look good in a painting!)

in other news, i designed the logo for Black Reign and it's getting used on the next CD..... the next CD (the triptych might have some interesting guest musicians on it so keep your eyes peeled!

right, off to catch the Caspian gig, so it was kinda a blessing in disguise that half my day got freed up!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

blurry birdie

ok, so finally, something workwise to blog about. i was starting to get paranoid i was stuck in some deep dark hole where people only ever got tribal and dragons tattooed.... ( i can't even pretend to be into that anymore. i tried.... briefly... ) i'm kinda hoping as soon as i leave hong kong i won't really get asked to do dragons no more.... but i really doubt that'll be the case. *fingers fucking crossed though*

so anyways, back to today. today was a fun day at the office. started off with miss rachel the flight crew world wide traveller, and we did a nice little extention on the piece she got....... a while ago!

i don't even remember posting it, so this is what we did a while back.....

and here's how we extended it....some more blossoms and a bird

this pic is outta focus coz i'm a douchebag, but i figured i'd post it anyways....

ok so tomorrow is my day off, but i got a house guest coming this week so it's gonna be a case of flat cleaning and other fun shit. alrighty then, i'm gonna head home before Ross gets any more into Leprechaun than he already is, coz that would most likely end in blood spillage. i can't be doing with that film.

Monday, July 12, 2010


quick post of a painting i finished last night.... again, sorry for the lack of tattoo posts, but tomorrow, fingers crossed, that will be amended! til then..... hope this'll tide y'all over.

bedazzle your life.

so here's some random photos from off my mobile that had been forgotten for a while and never posted, to make this easy, i'm posting these in a chronological order starting at "kinda cool" going all the way through to "totally lame". enjoy.

i'm not sure why, but i think this truck is awesome. don't get me wrong, it's totally impractical, and kinda retarded but still kinda cool.

i like t shirts that educate the public...

10 points for effort but i didn't see him get any hugs

"my eyes!"

this guy musta really liked the bedazzled bike and tried it for himself...

totally lame though. i mean c'mon.... loose change, a few random letters and BATTERIES?! REALLY!?!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

when coke was still cola and a joint was a bad place to be...

so today at work turned into an impromptu Merle Haggard appreciation day. Surprisingly, no customers complained or were harmed in the making of this musically extraordinary feat... 10 points all round. Anyways, not much work wise to blog about.... think Tues is the next possible blog worthy piece i got booked in. til then it's lots of dragons (THREE in fact) and tribal extensions (I'm a lucky girl).

So figured I'd post some culinary wizardry I've been up to..... first up is a dish Ross n Richard told me about during their brief trip over..... apparently this is a really popular take away dish in South Africa.... and seeing as i don't plan on going to South Africa anytime soon, I'd figured I'd just make it.....

it's roti stuffed full of chips, cheese and curry gravy. i added some onions for nutritional value (it's vegetable.... it made me feel healthier, kinda). Ross was super dubious but i made it anyways, and it ROCKED. it tasted like a heart attack waiting to happen, but was oh so tasty!

Next up is a gypsy breakfast we had for dinner. So, i made gypsy pancakes (that's french toast to others) and used a cookie cutter to cut a hole and filled it with an egg.

i was kinda dubious about whether the egg would stay in the hole, and cook ok.... but it did! i feel like a super culinary inventor who needs to copyright this shit coz it was awesome too. sorry for the shitty pics, i didn't have a camera and couldn't let this pass, so out came the phone.

lastly, some weird yet wonderful soy milk packaging....


Thursday, July 8, 2010


so tuesday i had an unexpected rescheduling so i had a good few hours free. so what better way to spend it than doing an impromptu rib piece on ross? i can think of a million things i woulda rather have done, but alas, that's what i did. ended up working til the wee hours, but it's all gravy.

It's an old woodblock print from the Kurtsweil Satires which i think is from the 1550's (told ya it was old). here's some info about the man behind the goat.... taken from here

Jörg Wickram (~1505-1562) was a German writer from the Alsace region (now France) who straddled the Renaissance and Early Modern periods of literature development.

Wickram's versatile output ranged from translation work (he translated Ovid without knowing any latin) to poetry, dramatic narratives and collections of humorous anecdotes (Schwank) that drew influence from Sebastian Brandt's 'Ship of Fools' (1494), animal fable satires and the medieval minnesang tradition. Although these collected tales were popular, Wickram is perhaps best known for producing the earliest forms of the novel in German literature.

'Kurtzweil' (1550) is a lesser known work of poetry in the vernacular German by Wickram, featuring crude anthropomorphic woodcut illustrations, reminiscent of (but predating) Le Monde Renversé satires. There is next to nothing by way of commentary around online, but I think it's a fairly safe bet that 'Kurtzweil' belongs to the satirical/moral body of Schwank anthologies, prevalent in 16th century German literature.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the mystery of the vanishing comments....

it's weird, just logged on, had 2 comments unmoderated, clicked publish.... and now i can't find them..... so if any of y'all had left a comment and it's not up, please don't get upset.... it's the computer....not me. EVIL computer.

Monday, July 5, 2010

you look buzzin'

so i got to do a cool piece on monsieur danny today. it's weird, i drew this coz i bought this obscure book on insects recently and wanted to use it, but it turns out he's allergic to bee stings, so all worked out well....swimmingly well if i may say so myself. this piece was kinda top secret experimental wizardry, but it may not work.... so you may never hear anymore of that..... so ignore the fact i even mentioned it. hmmmmmmmmmm?!

it was insanely hard to get a good pic of this, and i'm really hoping i get a healed one soon too when all the grey wash lightens up. to be honest we went for drinks after and even an hour or so later it looked much softer..... grrrr. anyways, here's what we got up to today. 2 pictures, coz legs are far too round for my liking.....



by the way, anyone looking for a new bar to hang out at, there's a nice little place next to the 711 off of peel street. it has comfy seats shaped like Isuzu bumpers and lots of drunk street folk to talk to about tattoos and stuff. also a nice library next door where you can find photos of pigs in wellington boots. i think it's called "Mike's bar".... or "Kate is not here"... or "This is now Mike's so Kate should leave and never come back"...... look for it. it's awesome.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mary Mother of Christ!

OK, so here's what i got up to today. super fun 1-shot on a repeat client. he gets cool stuff nowadays. woop woop.

i love doing women's faces.....wait, that sounds dirty. i love tattooing women's faces.... wait that sounds wrong. i like to tattoo pictures of women's faces. anyways, what i was gonna say is it's weird doing Mary's coz i cant tart them up with make up and stuff, ya know?! they gotta look virginy (clearly ignoring spellcheck on that one)

tomorrow there is no awesomeness booked in, but monday i got another sweeeeet one! feeling spoiled this week for sure!

tick tock.....

so remember how i said i had some nice pieces coming up.... well did one yesterday before we headed over to the Wanch. This is on Mira the czech. He has awesome skin to tattoo...... super awesome easy as pie work super fast coz it pretty much tattoos itself skin. He really liked one of my prints (the youth print i did for west east mag) so i changed it up a little and off we went.

apologies for the glare, but all the ones without flash are outta focus. bah.