Tuesday, July 13, 2010

blurry birdie

ok, so finally, something workwise to blog about. i was starting to get paranoid i was stuck in some deep dark hole where people only ever got tribal and dragons tattooed.... ( i can't even pretend to be into that anymore. i tried.... briefly... ) i'm kinda hoping as soon as i leave hong kong i won't really get asked to do dragons no more.... but i really doubt that'll be the case. *fingers fucking crossed though*

so anyways, back to today. today was a fun day at the office. started off with miss rachel the flight crew world wide traveller, and we did a nice little extention on the piece she got....... a while ago!

i don't even remember posting it, so this is what we did a while back.....

and here's how we extended it....some more blossoms and a bird

this pic is outta focus coz i'm a douchebag, but i figured i'd post it anyways....

ok so tomorrow is my day off, but i got a house guest coming this week so it's gonna be a case of flat cleaning and other fun shit. alrighty then, i'm gonna head home before Ross gets any more into Leprechaun than he already is, coz that would most likely end in blood spillage. i can't be doing with that film.

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