Friday, July 16, 2010

bow chicahuahua

so instead of posting todays tattoo i'll be posting the painting i started instead. long story short, a guy was gonna get a colour portrait of king kong (awesome huh!?) but he rocked up for the appointment and decided he wants it in the same style as this piece i did a while back. so had to push his appointment back a week or so for prep work and all that jazz.

so yeah, new painting started and lined. (don't fret comission work waiting list. they are STARTED! and i'll have you know photocopiers aren't the easiest thing to make look good in a painting!)

in other news, i designed the logo for Black Reign and it's getting used on the next CD..... the next CD (the triptych might have some interesting guest musicians on it so keep your eyes peeled!

right, off to catch the Caspian gig, so it was kinda a blessing in disguise that half my day got freed up!

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