Saturday, July 31, 2010

For fuck's sake.

OK, i am getting REALLY pissed of with finding more and more shitty copies of my work online. some have been literally, the exact same design, just tattooed really shitty, and some are just blatant rip off's by people with either no imagination, or no artistic talent....or most likey....BOTH.

what the fuck is up with just going to you local tattoo shithole and asking someone to copy SOMEONE ELSES TATTOO?! it's just as bad as going to your plastic surgeon with a photo of someone else..... "make me look like this" know what kinda people do that?


anyways, i might be jumping the gun on this one, but remember this piece i did ages ago? it just me or is this a really shitty version of exactly that?!

oh, and the website i found it on.... has an option to download a tattooable image of the owl tattoo. AWESOME.....really fuckin' A. douchebags

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