Monday, August 30, 2010

1 lump or 2?

so today we started Richard's rib piece. I've been looking forward to it since he mentioned a teapot tattoo for his nan. God knows how i talked him into getting a rib piece, but i'm glad i did! Can't wait to finish it now......! He sat really well, which i'm so relieved about. Made my life MUCH easier than it coulda been! (as always.... click pic to enlarge)

He's one of the tattoo artists taking over my beloved studio, and he's in most days now, so feel free to pop by and say "howdie". He should have his portfolio ready any day now!

We'll be tattooing at Racks this wednesday night, so if u r out about town..... you know where to find us for some spur of the moment regrettable ink. just kidding..... kinda.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


so did this tattoo today on musical maestro Corey Tam. He didn't think he was ever gonna actually go through with it but i'm sure glad he did. was a nice little one-shot, he sat like a champ for his first piece. 10 points all round. Hopefully i'll get a healed photo coz it's always hard getting photos of backs, and i had to use no flash which made it ever so slightly outta focus and a little washed out.

Doing this piece made me already kinda reminiscent of Hong Kong, which is kinda weird!

In other news, i've sketched out the upcoming rib smash and now i'm even more stoked to be doing it! Let's just hope he likes it....

It's funny, today i got to work and pretty much thought i had all custom work booked in before i leave drawn out. i wasn't wrong, but today i booked in THREE more, including a sleeve that i have about a week to design! why do i do this to myself? somebody needs to just tell me to stop working or i can't. The sleeve will be fun though, we'll be finishing it in London which is awesome. it means i have at least 1 customer waiting for me over there! haha

also booked in a Jesus to do on the other side of this piece i did a little while ago...

which i'm really excited about. i've never done a Jesus, and i've always wanted to....and going round the churches n shit in Macau really made me crave some religious themed blood i'm happy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

just because i'm going backwards doesn't mean you're going forwards

so today i finished off Danny's sleeve. it's weird, this is actually a heart i outlined on him about 5 years ago,it's the 1st thing I did on his arm.... and that's how we are finishing it! talk about an end of an era! anyways, here's a not so great pic, but u get the idea....

still got some spots open before i leave, so as i said, swing by this week or so to make a booking..... don't say i didn't warn y'all!

border crossing

photos from macau......

Thursday, August 26, 2010

silver back

so we finished off sherman's back today. unfortunately i couldnt get a good pic coz some of the solid black from the 1st session was still healing. i woulda waited before touching it again but he was worried i'd leave without finishing here's a very shiny, not healed and fresh tattoo.....

anyways, on that subject.... i'll stop taking any more tattoo bookings here in Hong Kong real soon.... as we are hoping to leave within a month from now and have a LOT to do..... so if you wanted to get tattooed by me, come over in the next 7 days or so to make a booking or you'll miss out for sure!

been pretty busy but it's been a HUGE help having Rich tattooing too, coz it meant i could free up a lot of time in Sept. Phew! anyways, hope to get a few more tattoos posted before i leave, we'll be starting Rich's rib piece next week so keep your eyes peeled! i'm really looking forward to it.

in other news we went to Macau yesterday, walked til we couldn't walk no more, and hopefully i'll have some pics to post from that soon.... i got a new camera with a magazine the other day..... so getting the film tomorrow. Didn't even bother with digital this time... ghetto.

ok it's 2:15 am and i wanna go home.... so til next time y'all....

thanks for lookin!

Monday, August 23, 2010

here kitty kitty...

so we had a stray cat come and get comfy in our stairwell at work a few days ago, and was just pulling off tattoo pics and found the photo i took..... it's eyes are awesome.... kinda hell spawny.

anyways no tattoo pics yet coz they need splicing. soon.............

Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010


ok quick post of todays tattoodles.

First up, Miss Sarah from Norway got these.....

And 2nd up, Sherman got this.... it's not finished, but we got a lot done considering it's his first tattoo. We'll be finishing this off later this month...

He brought me a huge box of cakes too! Not too shabby at all!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

don't be coy...

so as promised, here's the coi half sleeve i finished up recently. the photos are a little bloody, so apologies, hopefully i'll get a healed shot before i leave. (click to enlarge)

starting a cool piece tomorrow i sketched out at work before we settled down with a pizza and a movie (i'm gonna miss stuff like that.... having a studio kinda means u effectively have 2 living rooms, double the wall space to hang cool shit, double the bookshelves, and double the comfy sofas to hang out on) .....anyways, this tattoo tomorrow coulda been a 1-shot but it's his first tattoo, and it's gonna be bout 5 hours so we're gonna break it into 2 sittings.... hopefully get all the linework n some black in 2morrow....and then perhaps.....a photo?

anyways, it's 4am and i'm super excited bout starting season 7 of curb your enthusiasm so gotta go!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

90's bruv

so ere's what we dun tonight...innit.
ended up being "special guest" DJ's at supersonic, and actually had a really good time. don't get me wrong, if someone says to me "u gotta DJ 90's British indie n rock all night", i coulda quite easily just played some Morrissey....and then a little Morrissey n Morrissey....but we had a nice mix of all sorts, The La's, The Charlatans, New Order, Joy Division..... the list goes on. ooooh, and we squeezed in Snuff's cover of Wannabe, much to the crowds disgust. awesome!

good times. and as we drunkenly went for a late night snack....look what we came across!

apologies for the camera phone pics, but i didnt have a camera...... actually thats a lie...i did, but didn't realise i had a whatever.

in other news i finished off the half sleeve of coi i started a while ago.... will post that soon as it's spliced together..... and go pick ur self up a copy of Brouhaha magazine for the interview with me. i kept swearing down to a minimum and only say "douchebag" twice and "shit" once. i think thats more clever editing than anything, but whoever wins gets 10 points.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

poke ya ball

so today i tattooed a lil' pokeball on danny's shin, it's squeezed between 2 other pieces, but ended up being a decent size.

it's perfectly round but looks distorted in the photo coz of the placement.

also got some pretty healed pics of his arm.... the parrot healed INSANELY bright. lovely jubbly.

did these little gems today too on a girl with the most gorgeous vintage dress ever..... shoulda taken a photo!

anyways, my last booking was running late so i cant stop and chat, gotta go to the til next time y'all.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

just a spoonful of sugar...

so quick post of what i got up to today.

thanks for lookin' y'all!

p.s i took a gazillion photos at rockit, so it may be a while before i sort through whats what, but i will post them..... sometime.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

hongky kong

ok quick post, here's the king kong we revamped..... it should been done last week but after all the confusion from his original app, i ended up double booking him, so it's 2 weeks late, not really my fault, but stuff gets hectic sometimes!

it was really hard to get a clean shot of this, and i'm starting to think i've been messing around with my camera settings a bit too much, coz i never used to have this problem...... well.... at least to this extent. so anyways, here's the best i got. thanks for looking.... and here's a fun fact

did you know that Donkey Kong was originally meant to be called Monkey Kong, but after a typo went through..... they just kept it?!

it's true, and i am full of fun filled monkey facts, but that's your lot for today.

oh, and yeah, i'm gonna be singing onstage at the Venetian tomorrow. somebody shoot me now. i tried to get outta it, (trust me, i'd rather pay for my tickets and be at the bar alone than get in for free and be on stage) but alas.... it's only 1 song..... then i'll be drinking my way back over to the shores of hong kong.

Monday, August 2, 2010

crouching tiger hidden dragon

ok, super busy day at the shop today.... so i'll keep this short n sweet.

here's numero 3 outta the 4 pieces i did today... fun rib smash, she sat like a trooper, lets hope the guy getting his ribs done tomorrow does too!

seems like tigers are the new dragons, got another booked in tomorrow!

oh, and i can't not blog about this, but unfortunately i can't post the picture (coz it's top secret suprise stuff and i aint gonna go spoiling it), but the last tattoo i did today, may well be the most iresponsable thing ever, but he pleaded, and i warned him, but he pleaded some more.....

"what was it?!" you ask....

only a marriage propsal. yup, hell of a way to pop the question, eh?! lets hope she says YES!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Avast Ye!

So 6 hours later, this is what we dun on Danny.....

like i said, my faithful and seemingly fair weathered liner gave in a few days back, so we had a good half hour getting our feet wet before the action really started..... he sat like a champ of the high seas. 10 points, or should i say 10 gold coins?

Before i post the pics, i have to apologise for the poor quality of the photos for 3 hearty reasons;

a) was tired, very tired
b)after 6 hours i just feel mean giving it a good solid wipe down over and over
c)we wanted to catch the 1am showing at the cinema and were pushing it for time.

so here's what we did....


kinda inside.....


and back....

we continued the background up from what he already has, and almost finished the sleeve. it was a weird one to work on coz he already had a lot going on, but it pieced together nicely in the end, just the very top to finish off now.....

anyways, it's almost 4:30am and still at the shop (had to come back and get Milo) so gonna head home. got another long day tomorrow...... so sleep is much needed. much much needed.....