Saturday, August 14, 2010

90's bruv

so ere's what we dun tonight...innit.
ended up being "special guest" DJ's at supersonic, and actually had a really good time. don't get me wrong, if someone says to me "u gotta DJ 90's British indie n rock all night", i coulda quite easily just played some Morrissey....and then a little Morrissey n Morrissey....but we had a nice mix of all sorts, The La's, The Charlatans, New Order, Joy Division..... the list goes on. ooooh, and we squeezed in Snuff's cover of Wannabe, much to the crowds disgust. awesome!

good times. and as we drunkenly went for a late night snack....look what we came across!

apologies for the camera phone pics, but i didnt have a camera...... actually thats a lie...i did, but didn't realise i had a whatever.

in other news i finished off the half sleeve of coi i started a while ago.... will post that soon as it's spliced together..... and go pick ur self up a copy of Brouhaha magazine for the interview with me. i kept swearing down to a minimum and only say "douchebag" twice and "shit" once. i think thats more clever editing than anything, but whoever wins gets 10 points.

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