Friday, April 30, 2010

bakin, cakin, and makin tattoos....

so i've been crazy busy at work this week, but really havent felt like blogging much, done a few cover up's, a LOT of tribal and script, and a few other bits n bobs. today i outlined a massive tribal piece that basically covers half of a guys upper torso..... but as tribal isn't my favorite thing to do, i figure i wont blog about how great it looked coz i'll get asked to more. that would be bad. so no photos of that i'm afraid!

i do have a few tattoodles, 1st up is jacky's other side of his chest we had to make it match the other side a little more than i anticipated when drawing this , so a bit of free hand wizardry and we were good to go....

2nd up is some script. i realized how much script i do (i think the last 2 posts posts.... alone are script and nothing but script) but people keep telling me i dont post enough script ( and there's barely any on the website too) so... he ya go, weird script lovers.... some more..... you guessed it! SCRIT!

in other news i finally managed to start the painting i got all excited about doing about a week ago..... hopefully i will have time to finish it tonight or tomorrow.... so keep your eyes peeled. luckily i went baking crazy last night and baked enough food to feed a small country, so all i gotta do when i get home is re-heat. awesome. more time to finish my painting........ score!

lastly, i realized i never posted pics of ross' b'day cake from King Ying.... and that just seems wrong. very wrong..... so here it is (albeit a month late)

this is the exact same cake i bough joe 10:66 for his b'day, but he was drunk when i gave it to him and the poor lil' cake probably never even had a chance....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


sam came in for his rocker this week and sat like a champ.... i think this has to be the longest rocker i've ever done (letter wise, not size wise) and it got kinda confusing trying to size it up, so we ended up freehanding a fair amount. he sat like a rock (not unlike janine.... *you happy now?!*)

just figured i should post something this week, coz 2morrow is my day off, and Simon's birthday so i'm sure nothing productive will come of that.

til next time comrades, til next time.

sorry, i'm useless....

so we had the fantabulous miss trilling working this week, it's been fairly busy, and to be honest, i haven't touched a computer for anything other than work for a week. thats 7 days.... thats a long time with no blogging. but i have reasons.... reasons i tell ya, not excuses. my camera broke, so ...... reason enuff!

anyways, i have a pic or 2 of recent work, but i'm not super excited about bloging, but i do have this beautiful link HERE to a not an amazingly disgutingly talanted photographer..... so if u missed this weeks gigs, here's a way to catch up.....


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

culture vulture

So wasn't gonna blog (again) tonight, but just noticed this..... on inked culture's blog....

well i never!

anyways, since i'm blogging (again) figured i might as well post this too.... just finished it ( kinda figured if i'm not doing nowt tomorrow, i'd better at least finish this or i won't get it off my mind)

now... finally..... time to relax ( i just gotta stop worrying about all of thurs tattoos i haven't designed yet!) BAH!

sketches....nothing more nothing less

so the other day when i uploaded the linework of the piece i'm working on right now, i realised i really do often never colour stuff in.... so figured i'd post some more started then tossed aside work of mine. who knows if these will ever see an ounce of colour.... it's a mystery, but til then.....

this was drawn in my local pub while waiting for ross to return from band practice. i was listening to ALL (awesome band)

here's the song (lyrics) that inspired it....

Crucifiction lyrics
All you pricks who hide behind the cross
Accounting Heaven's gain by human loss

Hypocrite, hypocrite Christian
Hypocrite, hypocrite, crucifiction
God will love them better when they're dead

You murdered women screaming at the stakes
Built concentration camps and tortured slaves

Hypocrite, hypocrite Christian
Hypocrite, hypocrite, crucifiction

Pervert the truth that Jesus said
Go out and paint the town with Heathen red
You praise the lord and pass the ammunition
What makes you think that God will love them better when they're dead?

Onward Christian soldiers
Marching out to war

Pervert the truth that Jesus said
Go out and paint the town with Heathen red
You praise the lord and pass the ammunition
What makes you think that God will love them better when they're dead?

Onward Christian soldiers
Marching out to war

Jesus weeps and watches all you do
I know if there's a hell, it's meant for you

You hypocrite, hypocrite killer
Hypocrite, hypocrite killer Christian
Hypocrite, hypocrite Christian
Hypocrite, hypocrite, crucifiction

no deep meaningful crap to go with this, it's just a fish (*pook pook*)

the day the earth didn't stand still

it's been crazy busy at work recently, and long story short, i'm knackered....

figured i should at least post some pics of what i've been up to (although i don't have many coz i've started a lot of big stuff and didnt take any linework pics....and did a few cover up's but didnt take before pics of them either....) i know i'm useless, but it's been hectic, and to be honest, blogging was the last thing on my mind.

anyways, i have some cool pieces coming up (sugar skulls, swallows, ladies heads, all good stuff i tell ya!), nice little 1-shots, so u'll get more pics soon i promise!

so anyways, til then here's a couple to tide u over.....

yesterday i did some nice n simple script on a guy from the dominican republic.... he sure did suffer but he took it well.....

and over the weekend i did an extension on an old piece of mine, he had trouble taking the red the last time, so we ruled out any red, which is kinda weird when you are doing this many flames....

it was fun to do, but it's always kinda awkward adding onto stuff that you never planned to extend.... i cant complain though, that's why i'm covered in patchwork nonsense! hindsight and all that jazz, eh?!

today i started a half sleeve on a rugby player who puts everyone to shame. sat like a rock..... incredible. 10 points for sure!

2morrow is my day off (thank god.... got a gig in the evening but the rest of it will be spent doing nothing well.)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

where in the world?!

glad i could be of some help.... (see number 46)

just a reminder y'all jill trilling will be guesting at star crossed next week..... click HERE! for more info!

In other, less interesting news, i did manage to line that sketch last night.... albeit i didn't get home from work til 2am... but i'm stubborn so.... yeah....

maybe i'll start colouring tonight.... but i've already thought of an awesome new thing to draw.... and i don't wanna lose that feeling when u're like "oh.......awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" otherwise you just get like "oh...i suppose i should finally get round to .... blah blah blah"

dilema i tell ya!

Friday, April 16, 2010

there should be some kinda early wake up tax....

OK, so today i had to.... (wait for it.... horror of horrors....) get to work EARLY. EAARRLLYYYYY. horrible. It was worth it coz i got to do a cool dragon on Fabritzio, a super nice guy who flew in from Italy. He was stressed about missing his flight this evening, hence the early start.

Anyways, i was getting sick of dragons, but i pretty much got loads of free reign with this (his reference was kinda like every style of dragon.... ever....) 10 points for research effort though! It was kinda fun drawing this one up, i normally hate drawing dragons but i got my paws on some really good reference material and now it's not so tedious. After him i finished up a sweet cover up (a gnarly snake on a repeat customer, but no pics coz black was healed, and it just looked a bit weird.... hopefully a healed pic sometime. you never know!

Anyways, after that i had to stay back and draw tomorrows tattoos (more dragons, believe it or not) but he really liked some outta the leu book, so it was just a case of redrawing them to fit around what he already has. pretty simple really.

anyways, it's 11:30pm and i'm gonna remember to take my sketchbook home tonight, so i can hopefully at least finish lining my new sketch, and then... chances are... i'll start something else and never finish it. I need to get outta that habit... i think it's coz i'm so used to doing linework for tattoos (i never colour in a design before i tattoo it anymore)... i just kinda got.... well.... lazy.

see what i mean.....

oh, and the green monstrosity that looks like a bird is actually an awesome painting i bought from Kepi Ghoulie! yup! true story!

He's also who our chihuahua with hydrocephalus is named after....

and he also does solo stuff.... here's a taste for y'all (once again, if u r reading my facebook rss feed blog.....check out the real thing here for the video!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

gifts galore

Awesome lil' customer o' mine went off to Japan and brought me back a present! Quite possibly one of the coolest things i coulda asked for from Japan (aside from those super awesome plates with lil'bumps on them so your toast doesn't go soggy).....

Mini Ciggies! too cool for school..... really!

And the other day i inadvertently bought another awesome weird thing.... i thought it was just a pouch that said 'poop'.... little did i know that scientists had been working for decades to design a bag within a pouch. i got way more poop than i was expecting!

I figure it can also double up as a bib for those long nights out when u get so drunk you think you can eat a kebab without spilling it down your front...

anyways, it's my day off and i'm about to go cook a mortadella pasta bake coz i'm bored, and Ross is at band practice.... he better be hungry when he gets home. you never know, i might post pics of my bake (i'm really bored....i left my sketchbook at work and i started something i really wanna finish and i'm just winding myself up now coz i cant.) anyways...... baking to be done!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

OK, so after the last post, i figured i should post some proper stuff..... So here we go.....

First up is the piece i did today on a really nice easy going client from the UK. He just wanted a coi..... simple. No other 'this and that' with shitty reference.... just a coi. So i drew one. Then i tattooed it. I like it and so does he. God, if only every day was this simple!

(there's a little glare on the photo coz we were covering some scars)

Next up it's all script i'm afraid. (remember how i said stuff comes in waves?!) I've been doing so much script.... but this one's a little different so figured i'd share....

and gotta share the TCB!

ok enough blogging for one's 5:45 am and i gotsta get me some shut eye.

Don't try this at home!

OK, so here's what happens when u let friends who can barely draw, let alone tattoo ... tattoo you! (although i know many "tattooers" like this, but that's a whole 'nother blog......). I most definitely got the better end of the deal.... Basically long story short, i have some shitty ass work on my lower left arm from when i was either young or stupid... so i'm filling it all with tattoos from friends...little bits n bobs here n there to fill the gaps. So far i got a skull off Pieman, who also squeezed in my anti-edge piece too. So the legacy continues.... Andy fancied himself as a bit of a dab hand (actually, he didn't at all.... he was shitting himself)....
In fact one of the best "that's what she said"s came outta that evening.....

"You can pull out now and i won't be offended" (andy)
"That's what she said" (ross)

OK i'm getting distracted..... So andy tattooed me. I gave him about 3 mins of tuition and he did an awesome job i think!

I'm a happy customer.....can't complain at all.

So then Ross decided he's gonna do Joe's anti edge....

I dont have a close up of this finished, so this'll have to do.... but Joe says his butt now looks like it's been attacked by a cat on crack.... so use your imaginations.... gotta be the best anti-edge ever.... after mine (sorry Joe)

So then Joe gets revenge on Ross, doing the Allan Partridge penis thing.....

he had the time of his life.... although this picture kinda makes him look like the love-child of Angel from Buffy when he's angry and Sloth from the Goonies.

Here's a better pic.....the consummate professional.

and here's his masterpiece.... (awesome linework Joe)

Andy had to get a little piece of the Partridge action and added the drips... (no final pic i'm afraid, but it doesn't look any better, let's just leave it at that!

Monday, April 12, 2010

and the answer is....... NO!

So it's been a long few weeks. we've had a friend pass away, a friend give birth, and it's the anniversary of the death of a loved one.... so all in all, a roller-coaster. But you know what always helps when you are having an emotional time? knowing someone out there is a complete tosser..... please.... allow me to share!

i think EVERYBODY needs to add this guy, coz he seems very unhappy, clearly suffering from clinical depression. he's probably a self loathing manic depressive, and he clearly lacks any charisma. come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.


more awesome

even more awesome coz he clearly has a sense of humor...

just gay.

doesn't he just sound so..... inspired?

who needs friends when you've got enemies?

In other news, i have been tattooing, and i have got photos, but i leave the camera at work and to be truthful, i have had not a minute to spare these last few days. Hopefully some tattoodles posted soon, and also, i have some amazing pics of what happens when u go out for beers with friends, go back to the shop to get the dog, and people have an epiphany..... yup, i got a new tattoo... as did ross.... as did joe. 3 strikes, you're out!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Always for you...

We went to see the Album Leaf play this week, and it was friggin' awesome. By far one of the (if not THE) best shows i've been to since we moved to this blackhole of live music so fondly referred to as "hong kong".

here's a video....

(anyone on my facebook RSS feed wont get the video but u can check my real blog HERE!)

I did take photos (none of them outstanding coz i didn't wanna use flash and it was dark.... very dark and i was pretty far away from said leaf.) However, my card reader seems to be on strike, so these pics will have to wait til i head to work and purchase a new little (and hopefully improved....maybe pink.....) cardreader.

So yeah, apologies for a shitty post.... check out Ross' blog, he's had much more going on recently than i have!


designing the album leaf poster.....

so if i can find it......

hold on one sec......

yup got it....

here ya go, a pic to make you happy!

Oh, and congrats to Jamie n Kate on their newborn little bundle of joy!
P.S HI TIM! (told ya i would do it!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Read all about it!

So, been busy and haven't much time to blog.... but i woke up super early to get to the shop early to get todays designs done (i was tattooing til 1am last night so wasn't in the best "design mood" by the time i got home.) So anyways, i found a quick 5 mins to post about our new guest artist.... Jill Trilling!

She'll be starting at the end of this month, i think (off the top of my head) around the 21st... Here's some examples of her work...

These are a few of my personal favorites, but you can check out way more right HERE ON HER WEBSITE!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mac (holy) cau!

OK... more pics from my trip to macau...

i love this next pic.... me and some bones.

i still have more...but it'll have to wait. ross' birthday dinner is far more important.... so til next time y'all.... remember... it's not animal cruelty to eat a cake that looks like an animal.... just to make a cake FROM an animal.