Friday, April 16, 2010

there should be some kinda early wake up tax....

OK, so today i had to.... (wait for it.... horror of horrors....) get to work EARLY. EAARRLLYYYYY. horrible. It was worth it coz i got to do a cool dragon on Fabritzio, a super nice guy who flew in from Italy. He was stressed about missing his flight this evening, hence the early start.

Anyways, i was getting sick of dragons, but i pretty much got loads of free reign with this (his reference was kinda like every style of dragon.... ever....) 10 points for research effort though! It was kinda fun drawing this one up, i normally hate drawing dragons but i got my paws on some really good reference material and now it's not so tedious. After him i finished up a sweet cover up (a gnarly snake on a repeat customer, but no pics coz black was healed, and it just looked a bit weird.... hopefully a healed pic sometime. you never know!

Anyways, after that i had to stay back and draw tomorrows tattoos (more dragons, believe it or not) but he really liked some outta the leu book, so it was just a case of redrawing them to fit around what he already has. pretty simple really.

anyways, it's 11:30pm and i'm gonna remember to take my sketchbook home tonight, so i can hopefully at least finish lining my new sketch, and then... chances are... i'll start something else and never finish it. I need to get outta that habit... i think it's coz i'm so used to doing linework for tattoos (i never colour in a design before i tattoo it anymore)... i just kinda got.... well.... lazy.

see what i mean.....

oh, and the green monstrosity that looks like a bird is actually an awesome painting i bought from Kepi Ghoulie! yup! true story!

He's also who our chihuahua with hydrocephalus is named after....

and he also does solo stuff.... here's a taste for y'all (once again, if u r reading my facebook rss feed blog.....check out the real thing here for the video!

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