Wednesday, April 14, 2010

gifts galore

Awesome lil' customer o' mine went off to Japan and brought me back a present! Quite possibly one of the coolest things i coulda asked for from Japan (aside from those super awesome plates with lil'bumps on them so your toast doesn't go soggy).....

Mini Ciggies! too cool for school..... really!

And the other day i inadvertently bought another awesome weird thing.... i thought it was just a pouch that said 'poop'.... little did i know that scientists had been working for decades to design a bag within a pouch. i got way more poop than i was expecting!

I figure it can also double up as a bib for those long nights out when u get so drunk you think you can eat a kebab without spilling it down your front...

anyways, it's my day off and i'm about to go cook a mortadella pasta bake coz i'm bored, and Ross is at band practice.... he better be hungry when he gets home. you never know, i might post pics of my bake (i'm really bored....i left my sketchbook at work and i started something i really wanna finish and i'm just winding myself up now coz i cant.) anyways...... baking to be done!

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