Sunday, January 31, 2010

No show bollocky bastardness

So i had the entire day put aside for a 1/4 sleeve i was gonna do.
Guy didn't show.
I kinda figured he might not coz he never came to check the design even though he "had" to see it early.
Hasn't been answering his phone.... for days....
Ignored all my bloody e mails.
Maybe he's dead.

So i don't have the camera as Ross is off to a BBQ and burying Heli today (so i'm extra peeved about this guy not showing up)

so here's some random monkey related goodness i found online.....enjoy

(click to enlarge)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

heli helly hell

so not a good all. last week we aquired a puppy, and today she passed away. i'm not gonna go into much depth, we were planning on taking her back to the UK with Milo for anyone who's like "but i thought you were leaving....."

anyway, R.I.P Heli..... these are the few pics we got of her..... Michelle took a bunch so i might get more later on....

Today at work i did a piece on a girl's ribs... it was her 1st tattoo and let's just say i'm probably not her favorite person..... she took LOTS of breaks, but i wasn't in a hurry, and we got it all finished in the end.

10 points for her, and 10 pints for me....i went to go see Ross' band play the last Hidden Agenda gig for a loads of pics to post from that, but that'll have to wait.
until then, y'all can drool over my comfort food i made at 3:30am....cinnamon french toast with maple syrup. cant go wrong really.....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Something is squeezing my skull....

(c'mon, it's been ages since i used any Morrissey reference....gimme a break!)

Anyways, i haven't done any blog-worthy tattoos recently, hence the lack of blogging. (for all of y'all who r like "i got tattooed, what's so unblogworthy about my tattoo?!) well....i tend to only blog custom a style i personally like a lot.....sometimes i'll post something out of these very particular super carefully created criteria....if i'm bored, or drunk, or just desperate to post something.

anyways, today if one of those days, and i've been meaning to post a pic of my new tattoo but have been waiting til it's totally healed, coz the only pic i had was kinda scabby n not so nice looking.....

It's healed, but i found a fresh pic on Davee's myspace so i'm using to him for the photo (obviously i didn't take it....)

apologies for the state of my face and my hair.... i look like a new born baby all gooey, and to be honest i felt like i'd just given birth to a demonic spawn that was living inside my skull.

i actually got this on my birthday (which i failed to blog about) because i spent half of it waiting for Davee to show up for my appointment kinda confused and irate at the same time, and the other half in pain...lots of pain.

So there ya go, i'm officially a thug. Booya

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beggars can't be choosers

So while Michelle was in town the only half decent gig on was the Underground... so we went. Ross' band *Live Fast Die!*was playing and it woulda been nice for her see them..... almost didn't happen as the drummer bailed (flu) so Joe, guitarist numero uno had to fill in. 

Turned out to work out just fine and dandy, and Angus Leung took some pretty sweet pics!

(all the following photos are credited to him)

Monday, January 25, 2010

pink is the new black.

ok, so here's a fairly short post about my week with my mate Michelle. I actually took next to no photos for some reason, hence the short post. I've known Michelle for almost 10 years, and haven't really stayed in touch much, but saw her a lot when i was back in the UK which was awesome. She recently got married to the lovely Ash Ghoulmore (yeah, it's their real name..... here's proof!)

She was over for a trade show, selling her line of clothing: Kreepsville (we are now stocking a small run of stuff she had from the show, some come to the studio to see what i got!) All the toys and stuff she bought while we were out and about .... she had to make room in her suitcase!

After a night at Ned's to ease them all in, i took the girls out for ladies night. HOW MUCH PINK?! and no.... we didn't get dressed together, i came from my place, Michelle from her hotel, and Tish came from wherever she was staying. The lady in black.... was some weird tag along. we all had no idea who she was! (imposter!)

Tish is a little bit of a legend in the punk rock world.... 

here's a review for y'all (originally posted on THIS)

SIC FUCKS - Live: The Bowery Collection Need I say that this is best avoided for those with delicate sensibilities? The SIC FUCKS was one of the original CBGB/ NYC Punk bands of the 70s and featured Tish and Snooky, who were formerly BLONDIE’s back-up vocalists. This is obviously unrefined, raw Gutter Rock that mixes Punk, Glam and an early TALKING HEADS-esque experimental streak. All the warped, degenerate favourites are here: ‘St. Louis Sucks’, ‘Chop Up Your Mother’, ‘Teenage Abortion’, ‘Fags On Acid’ and a killer ‘Take Drugs’ to close. Thankfully, all the in-between song banter and obnoxiousness from the infamous Russell Wolinsky is left intact - which is as vital to a live SIC FUCKS recording as the songs. I was caught unawares by how vilely vibrant these songs still sound - and watch out for a killer Jazz trip-out take of ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’. The only negative is the generic packaging given by MVD to this series of CDs. As for the new breed of obnoxious rockers - you gotta lot to learn boys!! 

My camera has weird selective focus the drunker i get......liked Cayln and Michelle's zip though.....
Me with the cats from the Sourpuss stall( andy n cayln).... at none other than AMAZONIA . This was way later in the night on ladies night, after we'd had plenty of free champagne and free spirits, and we'd decided we'd rather pay for drinks and listen to some half decent music than slip further down the spiral that is the ladies night bar crawl.

camera beer goggles

Anyways, we did a lot of shopping n drinking, and drinking and shopping and managed to fit enough time to tattoo Michelle too! 

super cute and super fun to do. She likes Barbie, n she likes dead things, so i did this.... (and added some hearts and diamonds as some filler) tucked up right on the back of her upper arm.

it was cool having her stay at our place after the show too coz we had a few nights in front of the TV just watching movies....Zombieland was the top of the list coz we were all really eager to see it.

Gonna miss having her here, was really nice to have a friend over. But i got Pieman coming on the 4th, then Andy on the 6th so i'll manage til then!

So today was back to work as normal, but i managed to finish a little earlier than normal so i made the cup cakery in time! awesome!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can't find my blog through the smog

ok ok ok, i know i know, haven't blogged in quite a while, but i have excuses, good excuses too. Michelle was in town all week, so i had to spend all my free time showing her round, shopping, drinking.....and drinking some more. (i will blog about this week once i got last few weeks outta the way). she also got a pretty sweet more on that later y'all.

anyways, i guess i better post something, so here's the zoo pics from the singapore zoo.......

(if this pic comes up larger, y'all gotta look at ross' face.....priceless!
me n my extended family...
this bat tried peeing on me n Rolf, an artist from hellfish in germany

 Malle from hellfish tattoo. 

my new tattoo that i've been meaning to blog is pretty much healed, so i'll be posting that any day now too. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

heaven n hell

So all went pretty smoothly at work today, la dee da if ya know what i mean...... did this little piece at the end of the day, she got pretty dizzy about 10 mins in and she stuggled the whole way through, but she finished it.....and that's all that matters! 10 points missy!

i started off testing out a liner ross built for me from a machine that Andy, our February guest artist gave me as a tip..... but as she was struggling i just cut to the chase and switched to my regular machine.

(the right half is slightly distorted as it's on a shoulder blade....)
kinda sickly sweet, but still cute i think! she wanted it super cute, super bright..... and i think it is!....she wasn't really feeling black much, but i think i put enough in to make it last the test of time.

so after work, i went straight to ross' band practice where i was allocated the SUPER FUN AWESOME job of taking photos. hmmmm...... there was a really cute dog, and lots of weird lights i took photos of, but i still managed to get some of the band.....

Know your cock like the back of your hand

ok, last museum post i promise, and bear with me coz there's tattoos in here somewhere too!

these are the most awesome glasses em.....

legs.... just because

awesome old signs n stuff

sewing machine



ok the last day of the convention i was super booked up, with awesome n fun stuff. 1st up was Brendan, a tattoo artist from New Zealand. he had some spots on his arm he was thinking bout, then he mentioned his hand and i was like "I WANNA DO YOUR HAND!" so we went with that.

he apparently got chased by a headless chicken as a child, so no better way to get over a traumatising childhood experience than tattoo a reminder on your hand, right?!

then i had a nice guy i met at the opening party, and he decided he wanted me to tattoo him before he'd even seen my work! crazy drunken agreements...... 
he wanted something to commemorate his families nay more farmyard animals! it's funny, i've never tattooed a chicken before, then i do 2 in 1 day!

the photo is without flash, so the colours look a little drained...... wat can ya do, eh?!

so....that's all my convention doings..... i'm slowly but surely catching up with my blogs.....! next one......... MONKEY MAYHEM!