Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holy cOWL!

So i got to do an awesome 1 shot chest piece today. I'm kinda amazed that he sat through it all.... but he did! 10 points!

I gotta admit, i've had super fun stuff all week. Maybe i shoulda always just been super anally selective and douchy, and maybe then i woulda got cool stuff more often.  Anyways, tomorrow i got 1 last tattoo, then i am packin my shit and booking a ticket outta this place. Crazy. Still got a lot of crap to sort before we leave, but it's all coming to an end, and.... well..... it feels weird!
I know i've mentioned it before, but i'll be tattooing outta Flamin 8 in Kentish town, London in a few weeks, so if ya fancy some pain, u know where to find me!

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