Tuesday, September 29, 2009

That's the way the cookie crumbles!

Is it just me, or does there seem to be something a little....... askew about the fortune Ross got in his fortune cookie?

Just because

So i was googling images of pink fairy armadillo's, just because they are awesome and nobody ever believes me when i tell them bout them

Here's a pic for all y'all non believers.... 

and i came across an awesome blog, so though i'd share. check it out here!

Monday, September 28, 2009

There is no-one on earth I'm afraid of

So here's Mozza flash installment numero duo.

Started watching the DVD that came with his new album last night, but then Ross came downstairs and i had to switch it off... so we stayed up til 5am watching lost season 5.
i think we'll do the same again tonight.
Good times!

Friday, September 25, 2009

fuckin' intergalactic weirdness

so i have a stats counter on my blog....  and ever since i posted that " i just tattooed a v*g*n*" post (which i have since deleted, and just for y'all who dunno whta i'm talking about it wasn't an actual ... you know what....it was a tattoo of a Buddhist godess....naked, hence the title.....anyways, i've had the courtesy of being able to see which countries host which weirdo's at any given moment.

 Canada seems the weird place today, most days it seems to be france, although today we had a few from the U.K too.....  (please do not get offended (unless you have a guilty conscience), this is just from my stat counter, i'm by no means saying every canadian/french/or english person is looking for pics of tattooed V'J's.....) i especially find it weird when people find my blog not only looking for that but....... get this, tattooed (it brings a tear to my eye) monkey parts. What?! seriously?! ( i know where y'all live by the way)

ok, but in better/other news, how cool is this place? i had no idea there was a place called "tally ho" (check number 75) too cool for school......

and look how weird this link is.... (yeah not mine, the one under me!)

no offense, (ok that's a lie) but fuckin' hell, people........!

old people...old news....

ok. so.... i forgot to blog my retarded boring photos from my sham shui po trip..... so hold on tight y'all coz here they come!

If these fish had fingers, they'd be doing the "wow" (especially the dude who kept his eyes...)

Just so y'all know (not that ya really care), but my 2nd dat Sham Shui Po'ing....was awesome and lame at the same time. "How" you ask? I'll elaborate.....
OK, so i got there, went to all my usual hangouts, which seemed a little lamer than normal, but i still bought what i could (or what i thought i could salvage into useable goods).... then.... *dum dum DUUUUUM!* i crossed the street, and found newer more awesome shops than ever, so bought better versions of everything i just bought! i now am the rightful owner of so much stuff, i dont think there's enough glue guns/hairclips/peoples heads to manage!
Anyways.... more on that when i actually do something with all that.....

Todays blog is (was meant to be todays tattoo).... so here it is....
And can i just say.... this guy had booked in for a peace sign.... (yeah, really), then he came to check the design yesterday which i obviously hadn't drawn )when will u people realise i dont draw stuff in advance!
so he changed his mind, and decided to get "miracle" and some leaves.... and i managed to waggle this one! (10 points all round!)

OK, so then we went to Tequila Jacks, and as it is Rob's "official way past it" Birthday (30) I think we all drank more than planned, spent more moullah than planned..... ok i'm probably just speaking for me and me only........
But how awesome are these humungous Margaritas?! 

What made them even better was the fact that this time...... there weren't frozen bugs in each ice cube! (long story...... but true.)

As y'all can see, Rob isn't best pleased about hitting the big 3' O (*ding ding*)

But in all fairness, i got him a sweet present, which i really wanted to keep, but i pride myself on being a pretty sweet gift-giver, i seem to hoard all the real shit myself.
Ooh, and 2 other gifts, which some may not appreciate, but when the photos get released, y'all will!......... until then y'all! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lucha libre!

So as i was lying in bed, i remembered that i forgot to blog the best buy from yesterday!

(Now, dont get upset, I dont normally dress my dog in stupid stuff, but he specifically asked me to keep an eye out for a rocking wrestling outfit for his upcoming movie audition, where he plays the great mexican chihuahua luchador "El Gran Capit├ín".) So i did.....

He's worried it makes his ass look big, but I think it's pretty "imponente".

I also got these cute headphones coz mine always blow to shit, i play my music too loud, and i'm super deaf (sometimes i wonder if these 2 facts may have some sort of otherworldly link.....but ..... nah)

so i dont ever spend more than the price of a pack of cigarettes on my headphones. can u tell?

And, i dont leave too many comments on blogger, and only one blog i know of has the word verification, but it's always a friggin' sweet word ( i even had "CIDER" once..... come on! CIDER, my favorite thing ever!, i never get stuff like AGYTUR or TYWSSF)
is that coz blogger's just cool like that? if so, i wont always get so excited when stuff like this happens....

When in Rome...

Hell is more like boredom, or not having enough to do, and too much time to contemplate one's deficiencies” Dorothy Gilman

So today after a visit to the shop to make sure the ceiling hadn't collapsed, I went Sham Shui Po'ing again! (i think i'm going back tomorrow too! although my dream of spending the whole day there wont be possible coz i gotta go back to the shop, and i got design work to do at home)BOO :(

I originally went to find stuff to make some new hairclips with, but most my regular shops were already closed (hence i'm going back tomorrow)... 

First purchase of the day was some money from "the bank of hell". I have to say, the exchange rate for Hell Money is very good right now, (recession, what recession?!) I'm thinking bout maybe making a quick trip to hell to do a quick duty free cigarette and alcohol run).

I actually got this to send to Allan @ Haunted, coz he'll love this shit! i'll keep the rest for Poker money i guess! (they come in packs of like, 10 or 20....so if anyone wants some, i got plenty!

I then bored the hell outta Ross and stopped in an awesome shop where i got all this awesomeness from! (i also got a new itty bitty glue gun, coz the one i already got's a little too big and i make a mess at the best o' times!

I'm having a hard time findaing any decent flowers, especially to match these ones. To be honest i can never find nice flowers in Sham Shui Po, which is why my last batch of hairclips involved bows bows and more bows (no flowers). 

i'll have another look tomorrow, and i'll probably end up with lots of ribbon. I'm also gonna take a walk down the street that ONLY sells buttons.....the coolest street ever! (i have a friend who has a full blown phobia of buttons (especially if they are loose), and i kinda forgot, and offered to take her there when she visited me in HK, and she dry heaved for like..... ever. i felt really bad.)

how much for that doggie in the window?

so long story short, the flat above the studio has had another leak, so we've had to grind to a halt and close shop for 3 days while they "fix" it...... *cough cough* AGAIN!

getting pissed, but this time they actually put up scaffolding and judging by some of the noises coming from upstairs, it seems like they are actually doing something this time. 

I guess the days off are a blessing in disguise for my back, as it is feeling a little better.....
Anyways, due to the no work kinda deal, and the trying to rest as much as possible, i dont have much to blog about, but i'm trying to keep it regular, so i wont mind if u just stop reading now...

So i went to meet Ross in the pub for a few drinks last night, and of course, i took milo along.....
After the pub we grabbed some supplies. (i love grocery shopping after a few drinks at 10:30pm....everything seems way more awesome!)

OK so back to the very interesting story... I got to the store, and suddenly realized i didnt have my backpack with me (milo normally sits in my backpack, half unzipped just chillin' like a villain). obviously i'm not gonna tie him up outside coz....well, fact of the matter is, if I'd steal him, so will everyone else. 

So Ross ran up, bought one of those gay bags they sell for a fortune now that u gotta pay for plastic bags ( i now realize this is because the man upstairs realized that in this exact scenario, i wouldn't be able to put my dog in a plastic bag to sneak him in the grocery store), and hey presto!

Milo was anything but impressed with the fruit.

Cheese makes me smile, and apparently i make cheese smile. Good times!

You know the food generally sucks when a dog practically falls asleep surrounded by food. 
We didn't buy much.... 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Take me out tonight....

"Because I want to see people
 And I want to see lights. "

So, as i am still crippled, i dont have much to blog about at all, but as i said before, now that i know i'm leaving, i'm taking photos of everything (especially after a few bevvies).
So as i was taking pics of todays tattoo off the camera, i stumbled upon these, taken last week on our trip to the Amazon....ia.!

We just bought a new camera too, so i'm messing about with this and that and "ooooh what does this button do?" kinda stuff.....

In Amazonia they have these crazy lights that makes everyone look like a cheap picture of the Virgin Mary which is pretty awesome if u ask me....

Ross took this next one of me, and God knows what happened (no pun intended), but this is exactly how it came out....

And here's me and my drinkin' buddy waiting for Ross to finish band practice last night in our local.

Anyways, that's it for now. I'm not in the best mood coz my 7:30 showed up super late, so i had to turn him away, and i still gotta wait round for my 9:30pm booking. 

Did some work on a guys ribs today, and honestly thought i wouldn't be able to ever stand up ever again, my back totally locked up, and i cant put any weight on my right leg a lot of the time so i'm side-stepping round the studio looking like some kinda lame ass entertainment during the interval of the worst play you ever saw.

Tonight i'm gonna hobble along to Grappa's to watch DP play.... dreading all those stairs! wish me luck.

Friday, September 18, 2009

There is a light that never goes out

My god i love Morrissey so fucking much. Apparantly in Dubai and shit you can have more than one husband..... anyways......

i've always been planning on doing a set of flash, or a sketchbook or some crap i never end up doing, and this is my new plan. " THE GREATEST PLAN EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!" (i've heard gossip that this is even better than the invention of the wheel..... uh huh!)

i'm gonna try and do a Morrissey/Smiths Flash set. I figured that's one thing i never get tired of..... so we'll see how far i get, eh?!

Here's the 1st session....... ( you blog readers better nag me to hell and back if i never mention this GENIUS PLAN ever again. )

back pain vs. chest pain...... ding ding! (round one)

ok so i had to go into work coz this here customer was probably gonna be away for quite a while and really wanted to get started. so i hobbled into work, banged through this linework (2 hours, is that a world record? i think so......) 
i was ok as long as i was sat down, but MY GOD, when it came to standing up afterwards, my knees were buckling and i now feel back to square 1.
I got a fuckin' full day ahead of me tomorrow, and to be honest.... i'm a little worried. we'll see how i manage.
anyways, this was a super fun piece, as soon as i found out this was booked in i was stoked, so here's the beginning of a beautiful beautiful thing!

pulled out my trusted 14RL for this one, as i wanted it done quick. super quick, and a little tapering here and there with the 5, and hey presto! good enough for now. i'm not one of those people who can just let people roam this planet with scratchy ass linework in progress....it needs to be done, or not there at all. (my back disagrees)

Photos from beyond beyond!

that's right y'all, i finally got hold of some of them elusive pics from that far, far FAAAAAAR away place called "the Great of Britain". I told you it was a real place and none o' y'all believed me! Well HAH! in your FACE!
so here's a few snaps of what i got up to while i was away.....

a much better pic of yesterdays blog a doodle doo....

This was super teeny weeny on the teeny tiniest Japanese girl ever, aforementioned on this here blog!

And this here 3 hours worth of sheer pain was on a Roller girl who now hates me for putting her through so much pain. *sorry*

Unfortunately i didn't get a pic of Jamie Jazz' tattoo, we were all kinda in a mad rush (i didn't ....and he didn't 100% know if he was gonna get tattooed til i finished his fiancee, Aimee, and i had some time so we squeezed it in before closing!....
one day....
one day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i'd rather be pissed off than be pissed on.

ok, so since the last blog, nothing has happened. well, not nothing.... i've screwed my back up and been pretty crippled, so work wise....nothing has happened (other than frantically rescheduling this weeks appointments). spent a small fortune on taxi fares to and from my chiropractor (not to mention the chiropractor bills too). this is possibly the worst my back has ever been. the 1st 2 days i literally couldnt even walk, couldn't dress myself, couldn't really do much at all. 
today i'm feeling a little better, went to the chiropractor (again) this afternoon and figured as i was in town, maybe a spot of very slow..... slow gentle shopping might cheer me up. i ended up buying like, three stupid hats that ross will laugh at (and tell me i'll never wear in public) and i will end up wearing them just to prove him wrong. god, i i cant even count how many stupid hats i own... but i do love hats. 
so the short stint shopping which shoulda taken like, half an hour, ended up taking about an hour and a half, coz trying to hobble down Queen's road at a steady pace so as not to strain your back, is IMPOSSIBLE when the general public dont quite know what they are doing or where they are going, or how fast they should walk. BAH! anyways, i made it, thanks to my trusty walking stick cleverly disguised as an umbrella. phew!
so i got home and tried on my hats. (i dont try on hats at shops if i've already done my hair, i'm stupid like that). so my hats rock, i'm not quite sure what to wear some of them with, but i'll have to buy a new outfit, and that's not always such a bad thing...
ok anyways, i'm trying on my hats, in my very dark bathroom (i cant change a lightbulb when i'm a cripple) and i realise my hair is getting way way way too long. it's gotta be ..... hmmm.... 3 inches. Craziness! so i decide to cut my hair. never a good idea, especially when u r moving like a robot and cant really turn your head, coz your backbone's connected to your neckbone, and your neckbones connected to your.... you get the idea.
i decided to take it easy and clipper the majority at a number 6, but my hair was just too long for my useless clippers, so out came the scissors, disaster waiting to happen...
anyways, i just finished, and from what i can tell, i have no bald patches, so i guess it went ok... right? i'll have to wait for Ross to critique it i guess. at least now i have no excuse for procrastinating booking a appointment with a hairdresser......

OK, so aside from that very interesting story, like i said, work wise....nothing has happened, and STILL no pictures have been sent from the London camp. I chased up Jamie Jazz's fiancee, Aiymee on facebook, and nagged her til she sent me a pic of her tattoo. It's all healed, and not the best pic, but she e mailed it and that's all that matters right now!

so here's her 1st tattoo, she's super into film, and is thinking bout turning it into a sleeve so we left it pretty open ended, and she really really wanted stars (i didnt get lazy and just throw them in as filler, she WANTED them!) so here ya go, healed, still a little shiny by the looks of it, but it's all i got!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dog day afternoon...

So today was an unexpected day off work thanks to T8. Sucks, i have loads of stuff to draw for tomorrow and all the refrence and shit is at the studio, plus i had to reschedule people from today to spots i didnt really want to move stuff from..... BAH!

So pretty much done nothing and hibernated, except for Ross going out to collect the pizza coz the delivery men didnt wanna brave the storm.

It's at it's strongest right now, and it kinda looks like all our windows are bending..... a lot, which is worrying! So we've just stayed in, and watched Prison Break season 4. (amazing how they manage to remove the upper part of a body suit in one session of laser removal though!) 

Other than that, i've been molly coddling Milo, and trying to take pics of us together on the laptop. Not as easy as it looks..... but we got there in the end!

I'm worried bout the windows and he's worried bout the noise on the roof!

And vice versa!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

pricey beer and bleeding ears

So yesterday Ross' band entered global battle of the bands and made it through to the Hong Kong final! How fucking awesome and retarded! 

Here's a pic of them right after their set....

My apologies to Steve K,  but nice wristband you're sportin' there!

Anyways, other than that i havent got much to blog about. Work's been pretty same old same old, aint got much blog worthy stuff booked in, just rent payers if ya know what i mean.

Oh, in other news, one of the lazy douchebags from London finally got in touch and should be e mailing some pics soon, so i'll at least have one new piece to post from that trip. I'm still chasing Naresh up on the pics he has, but he doesn't seem to check his messages much. I might have to brave the intergalactic phone lines and actually call him soon.

Anyways, while we are on the topic of music/bands...here's a weird piece i did of Brian Molko from Placebo. This guy really liked the Dimebag piece i did on my friend, but obviously i had to change it up. The picture was terrible quality, super small, and hard to work from.... and long story short, i had some polka dots printed out for some weird morse code tattoo i had done earlier that day, so voila!

I'm still recovering a little bit from last nights shenanigans, but i did learn something very useful, so here's a words of wisdom....

"when you are so drunk that it seems like a good idea to eat in the corporate hell hole that is the McDonalds franchise (don't hate me, it's the only place open at 3am in Sai Kung)... it can also double up as a free overnight baggage storage facility as i found out this morning when i went back to collect my handbag! wow, talk about sticking it to the man..... haha"

what a sad sad insignificant life i lead!

til next time y'all...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nothing wrong with a little coffin varnish

OK, so now that i've decided i'm leaving Hong Kong, i have this new found urge to blog about everything. So what was a pretty regular night and a not so regular bar (my favorite drinkin' den in HK) ... turned into a photo-tastic-evening. Besides from one absolutely hammered twat who ended up stumbling outta the door soon enough, it was a good night! (click on the link for a map.)

ok so here we go, it's half 3 in the morning so this wont be the most enthusiastic of blogs, but take it or leave it!

Ned's have some of the best food in HK, so what better way to wind down from a busy day at work?

sitting behind bars aint the easiest place to get good photos, but my, what a shiny sousaphone!

got some nice pics of the banjo though...

we ended up getting a better seat as the suits cleared , and got some more comprehensive pics! (although i think the few i just posted are my favorites!)

Colin clearly cant resist the most asian photo pose known to man (to all faithful blog readers, this is in no way affiliated to the "wow" which just so happens to be the best pose ever!). bless his cotton socks!

here's colin playing St James Infirmary, one of my all time favorite songs!

and here's the legend that is.... Barry!

here's a little Robert and a whole lotta drums!

here's pretty friggin' sweet sticker too!

and the cutest lil' tip jar ever!

The not so cute cab driver who i affectionately call "wanker" surprisingly photogenic too, i must say!

his favorite things in life are swearing at cops and guest artists from Denmark. long story!

i came to realize that i'm not pessimistic, and it's not coz i love Morrissey, it's the fact that the glass IS always empty!

clearly it was all a bit too much for Ross, who i'm starting to think might have narcolepsy....

last but not least, here's Barry in a wig, and Colin playing the teapot. Yes... the teapot. (i told u this place was awesome!)

(and yes, he is about to have an aneurysm) 

For all y'all who remember the Bembol rockers, well, we have organised them to come over to play our awesome Halloween bash (more details later) and they are playing @ Ned's the night after. Be there or be square!

P.S, for some of the best 1920's slang ever, check out this!