Friday, September 11, 2009

Nothing wrong with a little coffin varnish

OK, so now that i've decided i'm leaving Hong Kong, i have this new found urge to blog about everything. So what was a pretty regular night and a not so regular bar (my favorite drinkin' den in HK) ... turned into a photo-tastic-evening. Besides from one absolutely hammered twat who ended up stumbling outta the door soon enough, it was a good night! (click on the link for a map.)

ok so here we go, it's half 3 in the morning so this wont be the most enthusiastic of blogs, but take it or leave it!

Ned's have some of the best food in HK, so what better way to wind down from a busy day at work?

sitting behind bars aint the easiest place to get good photos, but my, what a shiny sousaphone!

got some nice pics of the banjo though...

we ended up getting a better seat as the suits cleared , and got some more comprehensive pics! (although i think the few i just posted are my favorites!)

Colin clearly cant resist the most asian photo pose known to man (to all faithful blog readers, this is in no way affiliated to the "wow" which just so happens to be the best pose ever!). bless his cotton socks!

here's colin playing St James Infirmary, one of my all time favorite songs!

and here's the legend that is.... Barry!

here's a little Robert and a whole lotta drums!

here's pretty friggin' sweet sticker too!

and the cutest lil' tip jar ever!

The not so cute cab driver who i affectionately call "wanker" surprisingly photogenic too, i must say!

his favorite things in life are swearing at cops and guest artists from Denmark. long story!

i came to realize that i'm not pessimistic, and it's not coz i love Morrissey, it's the fact that the glass IS always empty!

clearly it was all a bit too much for Ross, who i'm starting to think might have narcolepsy....

last but not least, here's Barry in a wig, and Colin playing the teapot. Yes... the teapot. (i told u this place was awesome!)

(and yes, he is about to have an aneurysm) 

For all y'all who remember the Bembol rockers, well, we have organised them to come over to play our awesome Halloween bash (more details later) and they are playing @ Ned's the night after. Be there or be square!

P.S, for some of the best 1920's slang ever, check out this!

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