Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When in Rome...

Hell is more like boredom, or not having enough to do, and too much time to contemplate one's deficiencies” Dorothy Gilman

So today after a visit to the shop to make sure the ceiling hadn't collapsed, I went Sham Shui Po'ing again! (i think i'm going back tomorrow too! although my dream of spending the whole day there wont be possible coz i gotta go back to the shop, and i got design work to do at home)BOO :(

I originally went to find stuff to make some new hairclips with, but most my regular shops were already closed (hence i'm going back tomorrow)... 

First purchase of the day was some money from "the bank of hell". I have to say, the exchange rate for Hell Money is very good right now, (recession, what recession?!) I'm thinking bout maybe making a quick trip to hell to do a quick duty free cigarette and alcohol run).

I actually got this to send to Allan @ Haunted, coz he'll love this shit! i'll keep the rest for Poker money i guess! (they come in packs of like, 10 or 20....so if anyone wants some, i got plenty!

I then bored the hell outta Ross and stopped in an awesome shop where i got all this awesomeness from! (i also got a new itty bitty glue gun, coz the one i already got's a little too big and i make a mess at the best o' times!

I'm having a hard time findaing any decent flowers, especially to match these ones. To be honest i can never find nice flowers in Sham Shui Po, which is why my last batch of hairclips involved bows bows and more bows (no flowers). 

i'll have another look tomorrow, and i'll probably end up with lots of ribbon. I'm also gonna take a walk down the street that ONLY sells buttons.....the coolest street ever! (i have a friend who has a full blown phobia of buttons (especially if they are loose), and i kinda forgot, and offered to take her there when she visited me in HK, and she dry heaved for like..... ever. i felt really bad.)

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