Sunday, September 6, 2009

monkeys, meat and machines!

So while we were in London, like i've mentioned we made lots of new friends, i normally dont want new friends (i'm not the most sociable person, and to be honest, sometimes it's just too much like hard work for my liking!), but i couldnt help it this time! 

Andy was working at Haunted (he did a cool monkey tattoo for me, and i did a cool monkey tattoo for him. He also gave me a sweet machine that runs like shit, overheated and almost burst into flames, but that's cool. I only really wanted the frame anyways, so i'll post pics once it's all rebuilt and not a fire hazard! haha), *as soon as he emails the pics from his camera, i'll post the monkey i did on him*so we got to talkin' and then thru him i met his lovely Houtkamp-esque girlfriend, LouLou.

It took them a while to get the hang of the "wow" but they got there in the end!

Ross refuses to do the "wow" coz he sucks :(

I have lots and lots of stupid pictures that i keep promising to post, so here ya go!

We went to a vegan's worst nightmare where they just keep bringing meat. (i dont actually eat much meat so i was hoarding meat for Ross, and i wolfed down the salad bar and the most awesome banana fritters EVER!)     here's a pic of Andy's plate..... you get the idea......

I'm not sure why i took a photo of Andy's shoes, but i'm glad i did coz about 10mins later, Ross spilt Coke (Cola....otherwise this story wouldn't matter) all over them. Ruined.

This was my view from where i was sat.....i dunno how i managed to get such perfect timing coz this was like a blink of an eye. Kodak moment, eh?!

OK, that's it for now, dont worry LouLou, they'll be more, it's just that it's stupid o'clock and i need some sleep!
p.s come to Hong Kong NOW! feb's too far away...............

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