Tuesday, September 1, 2009

london calling

ok, so much stuff to blog about....like literally a whole month of drunken wretchedness, awesome gigs, old and new friends (love y'all and miss y'all like missing a lung) ..... and awesome tattoodles galore.
but like i said, so much stuff, and i just flew in today so havent got all my photos on the computer magiggy-thingamee-doodle, (yes, real word, scrabble announced it yesterday)

to be honest most the pics of the tattoos i did are on other peoples cameras, so it may be a while of me nagging, and bitchin, then nagging some more before i see them! but i will post what i can.

todays post is literally just crap from my fistt night back. we felt like steaming poo, and just rocked up to camden coz we had no plans, and LO AND BEHOLD....... the Freeze were playing the Underworld. So we did what any half decent human would do, and went in! Then.... LO AND BEHOLD(drum roll...........) 2 of my friends who i havent seen forever and a day were supporting! So drink drink, stupid pics and more drink, and here ya go.......

so here's leo and mark from their respective bands, who i havent seen in about 5 years. good times....horrible pictures but good times! haha

as you can see, ross enjoyed the finer side of london life!

my good friend Kats and Atsuko, who got a cute lil' Ganesh tattoo by me, but i aint got pics now....soon, i promise!

and more pics of the gig....... ENJOY!

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