Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lucha libre!

So as i was lying in bed, i remembered that i forgot to blog the best buy from yesterday!

(Now, dont get upset, I dont normally dress my dog in stupid stuff, but he specifically asked me to keep an eye out for a rocking wrestling outfit for his upcoming movie audition, where he plays the great mexican chihuahua luchador "El Gran Capit├ín".) So i did.....

He's worried it makes his ass look big, but I think it's pretty "imponente".

I also got these cute headphones coz mine always blow to shit, i play my music too loud, and i'm super deaf (sometimes i wonder if these 2 facts may have some sort of otherworldly link.....but ..... nah)

so i dont ever spend more than the price of a pack of cigarettes on my headphones. can u tell?

And, i dont leave too many comments on blogger, and only one blog i know of has the word verification, but it's always a friggin' sweet word ( i even had "CIDER" once..... come on! CIDER, my favorite thing ever!, i never get stuff like AGYTUR or TYWSSF)
is that coz blogger's just cool like that? if so, i wont always get so excited when stuff like this happens....

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