Friday, September 18, 2009

back pain vs. chest pain...... ding ding! (round one)

ok so i had to go into work coz this here customer was probably gonna be away for quite a while and really wanted to get started. so i hobbled into work, banged through this linework (2 hours, is that a world record? i think so......) 
i was ok as long as i was sat down, but MY GOD, when it came to standing up afterwards, my knees were buckling and i now feel back to square 1.
I got a fuckin' full day ahead of me tomorrow, and to be honest.... i'm a little worried. we'll see how i manage.
anyways, this was a super fun piece, as soon as i found out this was booked in i was stoked, so here's the beginning of a beautiful beautiful thing!

pulled out my trusted 14RL for this one, as i wanted it done quick. super quick, and a little tapering here and there with the 5, and hey presto! good enough for now. i'm not one of those people who can just let people roam this planet with scratchy ass linework in needs to be done, or not there at all. (my back disagrees)

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