Thursday, September 3, 2009

if you squint really hard..... they still look shit!

so nobody has sent me any of the pics of the work i did in london yet, so all i have to post is this...

it's a shame coz i did some nice work, the only other pics i have are super blurry, i started a nice day of the dead gypsy, but blurry as hell, same with the mary rib piece.... not really worth posting. although, they make ya feel kinda drunk when u look at them..... but nah, enough cheap thrills.

i'm guessing if i dont get any pics soon, i'll just start posting my crappy ones just to prove it was a WORKING holiday, not a fart arsing about holiday.

aww fuck it, here's one, not the best pic, but funny story. my old neighbor from way back when like.....13 years ago booked in under a false name so i had no idea she was coming. here's the sly little fox herself.

here's a pic from the convention i dug outta somewhere too...

anyway, today we did a little something on ross' face. i think he'll be uploading pics later on so i'll find one and post it.
been super jet lagged, havent had more than 3 or 4 hours sleep a night, and it's starting to take it's toll.... it's getting on 2am now, so we'll see if my so called body clock has managed to adjust later.

tomorrow i'll post all the drunken party photos from norwich, and maybe more from london if i get time.....

p.s naresh and andy..... gimme my photos! :(

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