Sunday, September 13, 2009

pricey beer and bleeding ears

So yesterday Ross' band entered global battle of the bands and made it through to the Hong Kong final! How fucking awesome and retarded! 

Here's a pic of them right after their set....

My apologies to Steve K,  but nice wristband you're sportin' there!

Anyways, other than that i havent got much to blog about. Work's been pretty same old same old, aint got much blog worthy stuff booked in, just rent payers if ya know what i mean.

Oh, in other news, one of the lazy douchebags from London finally got in touch and should be e mailing some pics soon, so i'll at least have one new piece to post from that trip. I'm still chasing Naresh up on the pics he has, but he doesn't seem to check his messages much. I might have to brave the intergalactic phone lines and actually call him soon.

Anyways, while we are on the topic of music/'s a weird piece i did of Brian Molko from Placebo. This guy really liked the Dimebag piece i did on my friend, but obviously i had to change it up. The picture was terrible quality, super small, and hard to work from.... and long story short, i had some polka dots printed out for some weird morse code tattoo i had done earlier that day, so voila!

I'm still recovering a little bit from last nights shenanigans, but i did learn something very useful, so here's a words of wisdom....

"when you are so drunk that it seems like a good idea to eat in the corporate hell hole that is the McDonalds franchise (don't hate me, it's the only place open at 3am in Sai Kung)... it can also double up as a free overnight baggage storage facility as i found out this morning when i went back to collect my handbag! wow, talk about sticking it to the man..... haha"

what a sad sad insignificant life i lead!

til next time y'all...

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