Saturday, September 19, 2009

Take me out tonight....

"Because I want to see people
 And I want to see lights. "

So, as i am still crippled, i dont have much to blog about at all, but as i said before, now that i know i'm leaving, i'm taking photos of everything (especially after a few bevvies).
So as i was taking pics of todays tattoo off the camera, i stumbled upon these, taken last week on our trip to the Amazon....ia.!

We just bought a new camera too, so i'm messing about with this and that and "ooooh what does this button do?" kinda stuff.....

In Amazonia they have these crazy lights that makes everyone look like a cheap picture of the Virgin Mary which is pretty awesome if u ask me....

Ross took this next one of me, and God knows what happened (no pun intended), but this is exactly how it came out....

And here's me and my drinkin' buddy waiting for Ross to finish band practice last night in our local.

Anyways, that's it for now. I'm not in the best mood coz my 7:30 showed up super late, so i had to turn him away, and i still gotta wait round for my 9:30pm booking. 

Did some work on a guys ribs today, and honestly thought i wouldn't be able to ever stand up ever again, my back totally locked up, and i cant put any weight on my right leg a lot of the time so i'm side-stepping round the studio looking like some kinda lame ass entertainment during the interval of the worst play you ever saw.

Tonight i'm gonna hobble along to Grappa's to watch DP play.... dreading all those stairs! wish me luck.

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