Tuesday, September 22, 2009

how much for that doggie in the window?

so long story short, the flat above the studio has had another leak, so we've had to grind to a halt and close shop for 3 days while they "fix" it...... *cough cough* AGAIN!

getting pissed, but this time they actually put up scaffolding and judging by some of the noises coming from upstairs, it seems like they are actually doing something this time. 

I guess the days off are a blessing in disguise for my back, as it is feeling a little better.....
Anyways, due to the no work kinda deal, and the trying to rest as much as possible, i dont have much to blog about, but i'm trying to keep it regular, so i wont mind if u just stop reading now...

So i went to meet Ross in the pub for a few drinks last night, and of course, i took milo along.....
After the pub we grabbed some supplies. (i love grocery shopping after a few drinks at 10:30pm....everything seems way more awesome!)

OK so back to the very interesting story... I got to the store, and suddenly realized i didnt have my backpack with me (milo normally sits in my backpack, half unzipped just chillin' like a villain). obviously i'm not gonna tie him up outside coz....well, fact of the matter is, if I'd steal him, so will everyone else. 

So Ross ran up, bought one of those gay bags they sell for a fortune now that u gotta pay for plastic bags ( i now realize this is because the man upstairs realized that in this exact scenario, i wouldn't be able to put my dog in a plastic bag to sneak him in the grocery store), and hey presto!

Milo was anything but impressed with the fruit.

Cheese makes me smile, and apparently i make cheese smile. Good times!

You know the food generally sucks when a dog practically falls asleep surrounded by food. 
We didn't buy much.... 

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