Friday, February 26, 2010

knocking knees and bashing heads

so busy past few days, hance the block lack-age..... wednesday was me n ross' 4th wedding anniversary, so we started off the day in style with a little bowling, then we all went to ocean park. Seeing as i lost my camera, and Andy's camera is lacking in the battery department, no pics other than the extortioante ones we paid for from the ocean park people..... i'll try and get some scanned these next few days.

Yesterday me n andy tattooed a cool lil' guy we met at a gig last week. He got both his knee caps done..... at the same time. trooper i tell ya!

really fun piece, but super hard too. hard to reach, elbows flying, and everytime me or andy wiped the tattoo, the chair moved, so it was a challenge......

it was pretty hard to get decent pics coz his knees had swelled up so much, but here's the best we got....

my side....

andy's side....

hmm, what else, oh, here's a piece from earlier this week. i woulda preffered to have a little more free reign with the design and colours, but was still a fun piece to do on one of the brothers from Black Needle.

also had a really sweet guy from San Fransisco who's girlfriend fell in love with my work (she's halfway through a massive rib piece, so he got tattooed instead) come in and get a compass. the pics on my crappy spare camera, so once i've got it onto a computer, and if it's remotely in focus i'll post that too.

Monday, February 22, 2010

*I'm lovin' it*

ok, so sorry i didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, we went straight out after i finished tattooing and got a little worse for wear. Lucky for y'all, i had a fucking no show so i got some time on my hands to blog. Now i'm sure this is gonna get me a whole lotta haters, and yes, i will probably burn in hell for this, but c'mon, it's a fucking cool tattoo!

Introducing Andy's newest addition........

I was gonna do Mojo Jo jo and Bubbles fighting on the other side, but now we r thinking maybe some fries and a chicken drumstick.... we'll see......

Sunday, February 21, 2010

pen to paper

so it's been a while since i got any paintings finished, so thought i'd share what i got up to the other day. just because.

later, i'll post the tattoo i will burn in hell for...... til then y'all......

Saturday, February 20, 2010

sir yes sir

so been busy babysitting andy and tattooing navy boys.... so i apologize about the serious lack of blogging. i lost my camera a few days ago too, so anything i was gonna blog, has now been erased from my possession, and therefore life..................
i had so many pics from this past week, Disneyland, drunken stoopidness, tattoos...... bah!

so here's what i did get (thank god andy took some pics for me.....lifesaver)

was nice to finish this piece the other day....doing a geisha on the other side which'll be fun too!

ok, so going to bed soon (watching Fanboys coz andy aint seen it yet), but tomorrow hopefully i'll find a min or 2 to post the tattoo i do on andy. exciting......

Monday, February 15, 2010

not so interesting after all....

so today i was s'posed to tattoo andy, but he woke up feeling like death warmed up. flu or something..... anyways, he wasn't really feeling up to getting tattooed, so he tattooed me. so no super exciting post but any blog is better than bad blog right?!

i did a little nugget on ross a few days ago too, so here ya go. it's a little scabbed up so photo didn't come out great, but it'll do...

hopefully andy will be feeling a little better soon, coz i got a super awesome piece to do on him, and i gotta fix up some of his other bits n bobs, face, thumbs and other good stuff..... til then.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kung hei fat choi!

so chinese new year! we were gonna start the new year the best way possible, by riding around on roller coasters n stuff, but it rained, so then we were gonna go to monkey mountain, but after a long debate about how "hardcore" the hong kong monkeys are......and we decided it was still too wet. so we ended up going to the studio, getting our drawing work outta the way, and went to go watch the parade. Ross' mate who's sleeping on our sofa got some good shots, i didn't fancy climbing onto a building so my pics suck.... maybe i'll steal some of Vinnie's pics and post them sometime...... maybe.

that's the best i got. crap i know, but so was the conglomerate advertising campaign that pretended to be a "parade".

andy being a tourist.....

andy being a numpty....

andy taking much better pics of the parade coz he's a giant...
2morrow i'm tattooing a weird and wonderful piece on him, so hopefully a tattoo post then! til then y'all!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

mailmen rock!

ok, so time to blog about what i recieved in the mail these past few days... 1st up is the sweetest, most awesome thing someone has ever sent me. long story short, it's from the girl who got the sweet as a nut donut tattoo from me, she wants more tattoos but fell sick recently and can't right now. this is the best gift ever, i almost cried in the post office when i opened the parcel! (and jackie, it looks like we'll be here longer than we 1st planned, so you never know.......)

next up is the newest issue of Total Tattoo where there's a review of the Skulls book.... it got an awesome review and for some reason, they mentioned me! (click to enlarge)

last up, some more pics from yesterday....

cheung chau waaaa laaaaa

ok, i still have a lot of awesomeness to blog about. more on a personal level.... but still awesome. anyway i figured i should t least blog something we did today. i trawled andy round the outlying islands, and all i can say is do NOT go hill climbing with a gym freak. it's not fun. i almost died. he walks uphill WAY to quick *pant pant*.

more to come, but for now, all u get are pics......... sorry LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just work

So it feels like it's been forever and a day since i blogged a tattoo pic, so i dug up 4 that were done recently to prove i have still been working. Pieman left for the land down under at 6 am this morning, and it looks like we're gonna have a newbie couch surfing tomorrow, so it's still a very very full house. 2morrow is my day off.... thank god, and i'm gonna take Andy out for some proper Hong Kongness. Not drink/work/sleep.

Anyways, i actually have 2 other things.... no wait, 3 other things i really wanna blog about..... and hopefully i'll get that done tomorrow. So til then, here's some tattoodles.

So 1st up is todays doings, this piece is from a really old set of flash i banged out for our Halloween skulls, and it was just fun to do something that i'd drawn a while ago. Kinda weird too, coz i kept thinking "i woulda done this different, and this colour.....blah blah" but still really fun. It's bang on her sternum and she sat like a rock. 10 points. Andy did a cool tru til death skull on her boyfriend, but i don't think he took a pic, so no accompaniment i'm afraid!

Did this headache last night, i do not like circles within circles within circles. it is no fun to tattoo, but he sat well, and considering it's down on the wrist and super tight, i think it came out pretty clean.

Next up is another from earlier today, her 1st tattoo, super fun, stenciled on the calligraphy coz i aint taking chances messing up stuff i cant read, and just doodled on the blossoms. She sat real well too, i've had some great customers recently!

And lastly, a chinese mermaid for a young missy collecting mermaids from the respective counties she visits. Woulda preferred to do this in colour, but it was still fun to do something a little different.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don't try this at home

So i've got pieman and andy crashing at my gaff at the moment, so been pretty busy keeping them busy. 2 manic nights out too, Pieman's 1st night we got pretty stoopid drunk, and pieman did his 1st ever tattoo on me. masterpiece. (he doesn't tattoo.....he doesn't even draw, so 10 points for effort!)

I managed to finish the piece i started in London way back in Aug too, hard to get a good pic coz all the black is healed....

Andy's 1st night we were out on the lash too, i got kicked out of Amazonia multiple times, and ended up breaking my nose. I managed to butcher the 1st roll of film i took with my new camera, break my handbag, and other good stuff! Fun.
Tomorrow i'm back at work, and Andy has a pretty cool lil' piece booked in too.

The contents of my pockets were totally covered in blood, maybe i'll take a pic of my shoes tomorrow and post them. Quite spectacular!

Not sure how i got hold of these glasses...... Andy was kind enough to model them for me. Apparantly they belonged to the bouncer.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New machine

So i got given this machine by Andy when i tattooed him in London. It had a fuckin' sweet frame, but ran like a i got Ross to take it apart and rebuild it.....completely. Finally, it's finished, so as i aint had much to blog about, i figured i'd share the love.

I also got a new camera, a Holga WITH A MONKEY ON IT! but alas, i left my other camera at home, so no pics of my new camera. I will be taking it out for a test drive tonight, coz my buddy Pieman just flew into town so we'll be doing the obligatory Nede Kelly's booze up...although i need to be on best behavior as i am getting my commie monkey thigh piece finished.

Monday, February 1, 2010


ok, quick post before my customer gets here, so not much writing, but lots of pics.....enjoy!

Y'all should check out Paranoid if u r in Hong Kong, they sure do put on a good show!