Monday, November 15, 2010

Dreadful & Divine

So, as promised, a quick post about the exhibition i went to see at the Hunterian Museum. 

I initially read about the exhibition titled "The Dreadful and the Divine" on a blog i follow, and thought it sounded worth a visit. Little did i know that the museums permanent collection is fucking incredible. Skulls from pretty much every creature, lots of stuff in formaldehyde, lots of old pieces from John Hunter's collections (totally didn't click for me with the museums name coz i'm a retard), and a bunch of stuff from Frederik Ruysch too.

*there's a lot of links up in that paragraph, so check 'em if you r interested!*

I am definitely going back, armed with pencils n sketchbooks, coz there was so much awesome stuff, and of course, no photography.

I did buy some postcards though.... so here ya go.....

For all o' y'all living in London, i would most definitely recommend going for a gander. 

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