Friday, November 5, 2010


"with friends like these, who needs herpes?" - Jime Litwalk

yup. i got my throat tattooed yesterday by none other than Jime Litwalk. Super awesome guy, so glad i squeezed in a spot. Joe Capobianco is in town too, and Naresh, my boss is getting tattooed by him later today. good times.

i sat really well, which was nice. i was stressed to fuck worrying i'd be a pussy. If Jime had a gold star, he woulda given it to me. true story. 

so here it is, my Milo inspired Chihuahualope.  This was taken this morning coz the pics from yesterday were so oozy. today i kinda feel like Batman, can't really move my head too much. 

Milo was cuter than ever last night when i got home, he decided to Mother Theresa it up on the sofa most the night.....

it's a hard life.

so anyways, i woulda posted the rib piece i started on wednesday. but Ross took most the photos off the camera today in preparation for the Business gig tonight..... so that'll have to wait.  in the mean time, don't do anything i wouldn't do y'all!

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