Saturday, November 13, 2010

grin n bear it

ok, so quick post between customers.

just finished this one off, for a sweet customer who brought me PINK MONKEY CUPCAKES! hell yeah!

so anyways, back to work..... this is for his son....

had a blast doing it, was looking forward to this for a while!

it's his 1st tattoo and he sat really well. Booked in for another on Saturday! 

anyways, i've had a rough past 2 days, totally put my back out, went to an Osteopath but i'm still feeling really tender. Spent yesterday icing my back every hour which is no barrel of laughs. Todays my first day back at work since i got crippled, and i'm having a hard time. thank god i got tomorrow off. 

Lastly, i went to an INCREDIBLE exhibition on Tues, don't have time to blog about it right now..... but soon. very soon......

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