Wednesday, April 6, 2011

paw me poor me pour me a drink

so went to good ol' Maidstone again yesterday for the 2nd session on my back. Gotta admit i was dreading it.... so much so i felt physically sick the whole way there. Turned out to be a MUCH easier session than the 1st, thank god. I think laying down helped a whole bunch too, so i'm hoping we can have me laying for most of it from here on.....

so here's how much we got done so far (obviously the paw and the peacock feathers are yesterday's doings....).... can't wait til at least all the black shading is in, but we seem to making pretty good progress i think!?!

gonna be tattooing Jay in a few weeks, which'll be weird. Never tattooed him before, and he's getting the back of his thigh done. Not gonna be fun for him, but i just hope he doesn't hold it against me next session we do on my back! haha

In other news, i will be working the Southampton Tattoo convention from April 30th to May 1st, so anyone keen on getting tattooed, please get in touch soon. I would much rather have some prep time and bookings set in stone than just have walk in's the whole weekend.

Oh, and i got the funny feeling Milo may have recently joined a gang...... if that aint some serious gang paw throwdown, i dunno what is.

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