Monday, April 11, 2011

birds n bees

the weather is way too nice to be working right now. anyways, figured i'd better post some proof that i am indeed still at work, and producing work....

teeny lil' hummingbird on the inside of a girls wrist/arm

and extended the cherry blossom piece i did a while back... spot the lil birdy in there too? 

everything's so summery. 

so yesterday was a pretty sweet day. went to my favorite taxidermy/antique shop, purchased a kick ass edwardian mirror and an ivory mini jotter. unfortunately, we couldn't be arsed to lug a mirror round the rest of the day, and i left the jotter on my bookshelf.... so no pics. soon.... i promise..... maybe wednesday.

tomorrow i'm gonna see Earth play. i'm gonna play count the beards over a foot long.

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