Saturday, April 16, 2011

skulls n songs

super shitty day. was running late with my 1st customer, panicking and worrying about not being able to finish the guy in after him.... who doesn't show up anyways. i need to seriously stop stressing so much at work. stuff like this always happens, and it feels like a kick to the teeth on days like today.

anyways, the J Mascis gig the other night was absolutely incredible. I'm so glad i spotted the listing. Coming to think of it, i think that was another time a customer flaked and i was just browsing venue listings killing some time.... so sometimes it works out for the best!

filmed some of the set, but never managed to get a whole song start to finish for lack of space on my memory card. if i figure out how to post those videos ... i will but for now, this'll have to do. (someone else at the same gig who obviously had better foresight than me when deleting files before recording....)

if you don't watch past the 3 minute mark, you're an idiot.

In other non work related news, went to collect the Edwardian mirror i bought the other day, no photos yet i'm afraid as it aint hung up yet and still packaged.... but i also got this....

it's pretty huge. stood nose to floor the top of the antlers almost reach my hip.
gonna have to find a fitting name for him me thinks.....

Tomorrow i have the best intentions of visiting the last day of a steam fair... but don't be amazed if i never mention that again. Monday is awesome tattoos day. Officially. Can't wait.

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