Thursday, April 14, 2011

custom vs. flash/face vs. smash

ok, so first up, a coi tattoo i did yesterday. wow did this turn into the mission of the century. long story short... this guy chose a pic outta my portfolio... little did i know he wanted it exactly as is the one in my book. obviously, i aint gonna replicate a custom tattoo onto someone, so i redrew it. (seriously... it's a fish, it's not the end of the world) so he rocks up to his appointment, doesn't really speak a lick of the Queens dialect, and i haven't had time to brush up on my Vietnamese... so a fun filled game of charades ensued, and i finally managed to talk him into getting the coi i had just drawn.

 i was seriously doubting whether he was ever gonna get in the chair, and starting to worry he was gonna take a photo of the coi in my portfolio he liked so much to some backstreet butcher and just get them to do it. i can't begin to describe how frustrating it can be when someone comes to you for a tattoo because they obviously like your work, yet do not give you that little bit of freedom that so often makes the tattoos you produce that little bit extra special. i kinda felt like i was replicating someone else's work the whole time i was tattooing him, as he made it very clear the shading etc had to be exactly like the one i'd already done. it felt like i was ripping something off and didn't feel .... well..... fun.

Anyways, it's a nice tattoo, i woulda done some stuff different, as i like to change up little nuances with things like coi, as i do so many it's always nice to throw something new into the mix. ~The most important thing is that he really likes it, which makes in turn makes me happy and feel like i've done a good job. Job being the operative work in this case though.

so with that rant well and trully over, onto the Earth gig.  I'm not gonna lie and pretend that i enjoy nothing more than 3 chord punk with GSCE level lyrics, so i kinda felt like a chimp who was on a day trip to a museum.... but i had fun. Ross loves them, and i figured i should get outta the house, it was the anniversary of a very dear departed certain someone, and i woulda just sat at home stewing.

Was hard to get photos of the band, so here's one...

was way easier to get photos of the awesome floor....


tonight i'm off to see J Mascis play, which i'm super excited bout. 

here's a taster for all o y'all who have no idea who i'm talking bout.

and this is the weirdest interview ever....

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