Thursday, June 30, 2011


super quick post coz i'm off to the pub.... but wanted to share what i just did. posted a sketch of this months ago, askin if anyone was interested, and good ol' mog stood up to the plate. (not rubbish)


in other news i might go check out the "gay dog show" later on, where they r giving awards out to the 'dandiest dog' and 'prettiest bitch' (don't ask, i'm trying to keep myself entertained any which way at the moment! i'll be sure to take photos if i go...... don't u worry now.

i don't know if i care, and don't care if i know

so, where do i start......

i guess with yesterday's tattoodle? the lovely alex is off to travel the world, or trek the arctic, or open a bar in croatia or something..... so he leaves today, and managed to squeeze in getting tattooed AND hanging out with small children (his words..... not mine) into his last day.

so from the tattoo front to the tattoo back (see what i did there?!) i got my...... is it fifth?! session on my back done on tuesday. always a pleasure hanging with jay n steev (i'll have you know i do know how to spell "steve" it seems "steev" however, does not)..... luckily i sat swell this session, and we got lots of educational conversation about snuff films, murder, and scandal mongering. good times......

so here's where we're at so far....

(there's still a paw on my ass that needs colouring, but i don't feel the need to repeatedly post photos of my ass if no work's been done i'm afraid.)

so, what else.... oh, i got my bag back! fuck yeah, all my cash had been taken, but i got everything else back *sigh of relief*

gotta say it is SO insanely nice to be able to travel on public transport and not have my brain bombarded with ear traffic. no more listening to people adding a "k" on the end of all words ending in "ing"
example : everythink

also, no more listening to a gaggle of OAP's openly discussing the fact i have 'far too many tattoos and will never find a husband.' ha, little do they know, been there, done that. i was eagerly awaiting hearing about what else 'i'd never do' with my pitiful existence, i felt like it could turn into a quest of sorts.... to show these almost dead nay-sayers they are wrong before they pop the cork, but alas, i had to get off the train.
oh well.

speaking of old people, public transport and quests of sorts, i have taken it upon myself to photograph awesome/crazy/creepy old men on public transport. so far i have all of 2. but when i get more, don't you worry, stop fretting, i will share the visuals.

speaking of old people.... and quests of sorts, (stuff is tying in smooth as eggs today) there are a few words i'm making it my mission to pull (albeit kicking and screaming) back into everyday conversations. these are awesome words that never/rarely get used. 

you ready?

ok here they are :


and this is for steev.... (i'm not sure i agree.... but maybe if i was a lunch lady in a school full of chavs, maybe i would see the light) 


so there you have it, i emplore you to pick the choicest word, and pepper your otherwise boring portion of the Queen's english so that one day *wistful sigh* the world will once again be a premium place to co-exsist.

ok, enough with that, so last night i went to go see Flogging Molly play. it was great. 

unfortunately towards the end of the set something blew up and they all died. true story....

oh well. 

so, speaking of dying.... (flogging a dead horse now? a little? maybe, but fuck y'all i'm having fun)

eli came back from sweden with the choicest example of swedish manufacturing.... behold

speaking of europe (promise, last one)

mr zombie recently returned from finland with a gift for me. not sure if it reflects finland as a country, or a mindset, or a colony that made it past the age of 8 as a whole..... but here it is...

there is a reasoning behind this seemingly obscure choice of gift from abroad, and i suppose i'll elaborate, seeing as i highly doubt anyone has stuck with this post thus far anyways.....

i used to have a fucking epic Pez collection. when i say "epic" i mean best EVER. unfortunately, as i seem to move more than a pikey on the run from caravans.... i seem to have mislaid said awesome collection.

blog done. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

total loser

so what a week. my god, i'll be glad when it's over! First up, tuesday i went and visited Black Gull books in camden, bought a friggin' sweet book for a friend, and ended up reading it in the space of 24 hours.

Reginald Farrer is my new hero. Even started a painting about him...

for those of y'all with no interest in reading the book, the reasoning behind this painting is he described a globular show chrysanthemum as a "moulting mop dipped in stale lobster sauce"


anyways, in other news, wednesday i ended up going to the Evil From the Needle party, and ended up losing my bag. Yup, so that's my i pod, wallet, journal, book, make up, EVERYTHING!

so thursday was a sucky ass manic day trying to get into my flat, make sure my dog was ok, blah blah. not good. 

Yesterday i went to go watch Ryan Bingham play, which was fuckin sweet.
here's some Binghamy goodness for y'all....

The awesome news regarding me losing all my worldly possessions is, this morning i got an e mail from some legend who found my bag (after it had already been rummaged through), but my ipod's still there, and my books. so gonna go collect that later *phew*.

So now onto today's tattoodles....

session 3 on the gramophone cover up piece. 

coming along nicely. reckon we'll get this done n dusted next session.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stags n slags

so what a mental week i've had....

first up, i got punched in the face at 6am a few days ao which is well.... lame. long story short, some dude was attacking some woman outside my flat, i heard it and went and got involved. i'm pretty sure i broke his thumb, and he ended up running off, so in the bigger scale of things, it worked out pretty well.......


so what else? went to a stag do...... that lasted an entire weekend.


mike only getting bitch whipped with a belt that is most likely never gonna come clean.

was fucking cool to be hanging with some of the old CBR, brought back some good memories!

hmm, oh, same night, i got given these!!!!! too cool for school!


and the other day i got given THESE!!!!



also, went round the gazillions of charity shops where i live yesterday and found a lot of books..... i cant say no to books, especially when they cost a quid or less!


looking forward to reading them. the Danny Wallace one sounds hilarious, who starts a cult buy accident?! hmmm, gonna be good.

so yeah, that's whats been going on. got a sweet fuckin tattoo in tomorrow, so keep them eyes peeled.

(oh, and blogger isn't uploading photos right now for some lame reason, so this took me ages to post coz i had to go via this antique system of uploading..........)
so apologies for the dishevelled appearance of my photos, bulging outta pretty background motifs and such.... i'm not normally this careless..... but i cant be arsed to go back and resize them all, then reupload them.... coz believe it or not, i do have a life.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

black n grey..... like the weather.

so here's some non colourful tattoos i did recently. anyone who knows me/reads this/isn't retarded will know i do love me some colour, but sometimes, just sometimes, i gotta do black n grey.....

this 1st one we managed to squeeze some fuchsia into.... but for the purpose of this particular post, it's black n grey. it's a cover up of a fat ass black circular thing she had.....

next up, some healed pics.... well almost healed! little shiny, little flaky, but again for the purpose of this post.... "healed enough to photograph?!"

apparently this guy did magic or something.....

apparently this chick was a virgin, and gave birth to a really good magician.

in all seriousness though, the mary is super tiny, it's tucked up inner upper arm, and it's pretty much same size as u see it when u click to enlarge. teeny lil' face.
righty-o, i'd better set up for my next customer, so thanks for looking y'all!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

please please please

so, what a shitty old week i've had.

anyways, here's a MORRISSEY tattoo i started up the other day, he had to tap out before we finished lining it though..... it's the lyrics to please, please, please. quite fitting really.

looking forward to getting that finished.

earlier today i had a fun lil cover up in. she gave me free reign, just wanted a butterfly. think it's my favourite butterfly i've tattooed.

and lastly, here's what i just finished up....
they're rorshach tests, again very fitting considering how i've been feeling.

getting a good photo of the one in the ditch was literally impossible.

in other news, way more awesome jolly feelgood news, guess who i ended up going out on the lash with?! Only Duncan from Snuff! he turned up in the pub i was in friday, we hit it off, ended up taking him to the crobar, and stayed out til half three. good times~!

we started off very pensive, philosophical almost...

resulted in being retarded with clothes pegs on our faces.

ooh, and i got him to draw on a cracker for me. it's now framed, and proudly displayed in my living room. ( y'all have no idea how long it took me to put this back together after a night out. couldnt find glue so had to repair it with double sided tape and hairspray.)

it's a shit. a beautiful shit.

Friday, June 10, 2011

best ever......

so today we started colouring the torture garden sleeve i started a while back on Chris aka tortoise guy.

here's what we got done......

i'm really having a blast doing this sleeve, he sits so damn well and is just so easy going that a full 7 hours tattooing flies by for me, where as normally by 3pm i'm getting ansy!

he also gives me the most awesome stuff.... in fact, my awesome stuff collection has increased profoundly since tattooing him......


happy me n a blueprint of the enterprise (yes, i do get the irony considering what i'm wearing...) what can i say, star trek is my true love and star wars is the milkman.....

Thursday, June 9, 2011


quick post coz i'm about to shoot to la grande rouge.... finished this today, started it yesterday, but had some time at work.....

it's in my square sketchbook which is impossible to scan, so this is a photo but good quality, so fuck it.

enjoy! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gotsta love them nuts!

so just stayed late n finished off Kirsty's massive squirrel. It's a cover up of a .... big black rectangle with negative space shit?!

Here's what i was covering( obviously linework is in but u can still see.....) it really is huge, this is her upper thigh by the way.....

and here's what we got done.....

i think there's a good possibility we'll cover that skullerfly too, maybe leaves n flowers n stuff.

anyways, thanks for checkin y'all! til next time....

hell awaits

so it's been a while since my last post, having a smart phone has seriously dented my blogging drive, coz now i find myself just posting everything straight to facebook. sorry to all my faithful blogspot followers (who seem to be growing in number the less i blog?!).... i will try to rectify this asap!

so here's a fun cover-up i started a while back, looking forward to finishing this one.

she originally was thinking of the gramophone, the vines, the flowers, the feathers AND birds, clouds n' stars. think i have managed to dwindle it down to what we have here though.....

in other news, i've been baking some awesome gingerbread recently....

bought a cookie cutter box from r.dyas and it has some really random shapes. to be honest, some of them i can't even figure out?!

yesterday was my day off, and i took milo to the park near my house where he almost got eaten by a goose. crazy ass hissing goose on drugs. 
he's all good though.....

and i bought this book..... i have way too many books on the go at the minute, so this'll have to wait a while, but looking forward to this one!

it has awesome Mucha-esque/horror illustrations throughout. 

good stuff. til next time......

Thursday, June 2, 2011

here's one i made earlier.....

so after just saying all the stuff i've been doing has been cover up's n continuations...... here's a fun 1-shot i just did on the lovely Alex. One of my favourite barmen. We didn't plan on doing it all in one, coz he only had 2 hours free. Whatever, gimme 2 hours and i'll run with it!

He's planning on a kinda day of the dead sleeve, and wanted this in memory of his dad..... wasn't sure how i was gonna do a day of the dead dagger, especially when i know he plans on proper sugar skulls and other stuff like that at a later date.... but i think this'll blend in well. worst case scenario, i'll give the lil' skully a moustache when the time comes! haha

4 down..... god knows how many to go!

so sorry i haven't posted much at all recently...... been starting a lot of pieces, but i'm not amazingly keen on posting work in prog, plus a lot of said pieces are cover up's.

so instead, i'm posting what i got up to this tuesday..... went for the 4th session on my back in maidstone.


in other news, went to go see the Slackers play the other night. awesome show, and Vic did a solo set at the electrowerkz straight after. only bout 20 ppl seemed to know about it, so it was pretty damn awesome!

good stuff.