Saturday, June 25, 2011

total loser

so what a week. my god, i'll be glad when it's over! First up, tuesday i went and visited Black Gull books in camden, bought a friggin' sweet book for a friend, and ended up reading it in the space of 24 hours.

Reginald Farrer is my new hero. Even started a painting about him...

for those of y'all with no interest in reading the book, the reasoning behind this painting is he described a globular show chrysanthemum as a "moulting mop dipped in stale lobster sauce"


anyways, in other news, wednesday i ended up going to the Evil From the Needle party, and ended up losing my bag. Yup, so that's my i pod, wallet, journal, book, make up, EVERYTHING!

so thursday was a sucky ass manic day trying to get into my flat, make sure my dog was ok, blah blah. not good. 

Yesterday i went to go watch Ryan Bingham play, which was fuckin sweet.
here's some Binghamy goodness for y'all....

The awesome news regarding me losing all my worldly possessions is, this morning i got an e mail from some legend who found my bag (after it had already been rummaged through), but my ipod's still there, and my books. so gonna go collect that later *phew*.

So now onto today's tattoodles....

session 3 on the gramophone cover up piece. 

coming along nicely. reckon we'll get this done n dusted next session.

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