Monday, May 31, 2010

disposable days

so here are some pics from the disposable camera...... a typical day in the life....

i love how grainy they came out! (don't get me wrong, i know they are terrible photos, but i do miss just developing film with pretty much no idea/recollection of what photos you took....coz it's just ... fun that way.)

this last pic came out crazy. i used the flash from my holga with this shitty disposable camera.... so it's kind of a cheat...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

hopper v s coleman

so funny how i go to a night dedicated to the death of an awesome person (ian curtis) and end up with news of the death of another awesome person (dennis hopper). i'm pretty sure gary coleman died too.... this 3 thing is kinda lame.... coz at what point do u just not give a shit about a washed up actor? see HERE!

what amazes me the most is the fact that an online news article cant even get their tenses right.......

The old rumor that celebrity deaths come in threes has been proved correct with the news Gary Coleman dead.

genius. what choo talkin bout?!

p.s anyone who didnt make it to the ian curtis night didnt miss's kinda distasteful to have a noose hanging on the stage right? or am i the only person in this lame godforsaken "city" that actually thinks about this kinda stuff? RETARDED..... no amount of " culture difference" will account for pure bad taste.

chinese whispers

"I can now see everything falling to pieces before my eyes."
— Ian Curtis

so good thing i have a few friends coz i woulda never heard about this.....

so that's where i'll be in about.... half an hour. be there or be square y'all! oh, and i pick up my photos tomorrow and i'm going to ARTHK so hopefully some interesting pics for your beady lil' eyes.

Friday, May 28, 2010

pink + sugar = awesome

so no tattoos to blog i'm afraid.... been working today but nothing outta the ordinary done today. so instead, i'll post what i got up to before work.....

they did look way more impressive before the hot hot hot journey from my place to work...... the icing was all piped with a fancy tip, but alas, you'll have to take my word for it!

the only thing that sucks about baking before work is all the washing up i know i have waiting patiently for me at home..... so i'm gonna go drinking and soften the blow.

hopefully i'll get up early enough tomorrow to get my photos printed from my Holga and the mysterious disposable camera that i still have no recollection about..... hmmmm....... curious.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

pho-to-tal waste of time

so both my appointments for today rescheduled for another day and it's been a boring, very boring day..... so i started messing around with my holga camera again... i bought some new fancy film too so i've been taking pics of all sortsa crap just coz i'm really eager to get the film developed....

i also found a disposable camera in one of my drawers at work which i have absolutely no recollection of... so been trying to use that up too....

looks like we r gonna close early and take jill round some pretty sweet shopping cetres, so i'll definately be able to finish off both the fils tonight.

in the mean time, as i have nothing to post.... here's my favorite pic from the last roll i did on the holga... it's a pic of Andy taking a pic of me taking a pic of him on the teacup ride at Disneyland. ENJOY!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a day at the zoo....

so today was fun. 1st off, it started with a repeat offender bringing cake. lots of cake. miss evon has been in for 5 tattoos in the space of a month. talk about some serious dedication! she's not in town for long so figured she'd milk it.... til she flies back to good ol' singapore.

so this is the 5th and final (?!) tattoo she got..... we had a real hard time getting a good shot of this, so this is the best i got i'm afraid..... she sat like a champ as always.

i really enjoy doing stuff with a slightly heraldic look, you can really play around with line weight. i especially like doing animals like this coz you can kinda make them exaggerated and play around with features too....

so my next customer got a cover up.... but i doubt y'all can tell. i was lucky she had quite a faint tattoo to start with, albeit being pretty much as tall as what i covered it with and almost as wide! this wasn't my favorite tattoo do do ( i have a HUGE ungodly heart stoppingly irrational fear of frogs.) i was amazed i hadn't ever been asked to do a frog tattoo before..... but i knew it had to happen sometime. i think i dealt pretty well, and just counted my blessings she didnt want a photo-realistic frog *shudder*

she kept telling me she wanted it very colorful, and kept showing me rainbows...... so i got to work!

anyways, it's late i am going to head home and attempt to get the remaining pink dye outta my hair.... wish me luck!

Friday, May 21, 2010

he rocked and rolled

so my poor poor last customer (awesomely named ELVIS!) struggled so so much on this. i got a little worried when 5 mins in he already needed a break, the outlines were quite an ordeal, there was no stillness,and i got kicked in the ass a couple times (literally....his legs were flailing).
anyways, after the outlines we bactined (i'm making up verbs aren't i?!) the hell outta his poor poor rib cage, and the shading when by like a breeze.

anyways gotta run, my next customer is here, but i'd like to give 10 points to elvis for naming himself elvis, and another 10 points for sitting through the whole thing..... we didnt think he was gonna get out alive!

alos, 10 points to mister cake, for being called mister cake, and for following my blog after my rant...
lastly 10 points to debra who coincidentally started following about 1 min before my rant.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

thumbs up!

it's not everyday you get a thumbs up in your photo! what a fun little find (i really don't pay enough attention!) here's a picture from ye olde archives....

anyways, did this sailor jerry 1-shot today... was fun, for flash! (we did change an eagle to swallows but other than that, it was exactly as is.)

i've been really ill these past 2 days, some sorta throat malfunction of sorts.... but it didn't stop me going to mister payne's music quiz of ROCK! last night... we came 2nd, beaten by 1 measley point, that we shoulda gotten coz we all knew at least 1 answer that we umm'd and ahh'd about.... oh well, second place aint too bad! til the re-match rival rock maestro's... til the re-match!

Monday, May 17, 2010

just in case

does anybody have this guy? i want this guy.... i would give this guy the bestest home ever. this guy would make my life complete, i could retire, knowing that having this guy meant that had accomplished all things i had ever wanted in life. i would build this guy his dream house out of chopsticks and pink bubble gum, learn to knit and make him an awesome wardrobe, run him baths (not too hot or not too cold, we don't want him getting disfigured) , bake little steak pies for him daily..... and make sure milo didn't tear him apart.

in other news, i did 5 tattoos today, i'm tired and i still got stuff to do at work before i can go home. you know what would make it all better though? that guy..... he's awesome.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

feeling blue

so not much tattoo-wise to blog about. today was spent colouring a small section of a VERY large tribal piece, and ended with 2 cover-up's on one girl. so figured i'd post the new page i started in my sketchbook after work.... i've done more to it since this photo was taken but it's nearing on 2am so i figured it's best if i start heading home coz it aint gonna get finished tonight.

i completely forgot to scan the linework before i started colouring, which kinda sucks coz i was thinking bout using this on my new website..... i guess i could find a fancy frame for it and maybe still use it coloured..... bah, i dunno. anyways, milo is getting far too comfortable on our shop sofa, so i figure i'd better start getting him awake enough to leave! til next time y'all.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

mums the word

so another tattoo for a customers mum, this time it was a little less obscure though! i don't think i've ever posted anything like this on my blog before, for the following reasons:

* i don't do a lot of portraits AT ALL

* i don't have the most fun doing portraits AT ALL

this didn't have a great reference photo, but it was pretty much all her had, so i did it (begrudgingly)

there's some stainage going on around the baby's face coz i started at the bottom, then worked up, then coloured the filligree so there was black being wiped all over, but this pic aint too bad (you should see the other pics!), and i'll get a healed one soon too.

you're not right in the head and nor am i

ok, quick post of the painting i started about a week ago but have been far too busy to finish..... TIL NOW! ( there was an epic drum roll in my head and an awesomely cheesy voiceover like when wrestlers get introduced.....but to y'all it's just 2 words....)

anyways finished painting it last night and just relined the black here it is...

it's inspired by an awesome little ditty by a clever little chappy. Lyrics are HERE if u r at all interested......enjoy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

something old, something new, and never too busy for you!

so i had an awesome repeat customer back from the states, i never get more than a few days notice but i always do my best to squeeze her in. i always love doing what she wants, so it never seems like a chore!

today we started off a lil' piece on her toher side, and we hope to finish it before i move away...... (get back asap! i LOVE MONKEYS!!!!!) anyways, here's the beginning to another evolving piece......

on her other side she has 4 seperate pieces that have tied into 1 awesome piece..... here's what was readily visible without too much clothing being shed! (always great to get healed pics too....... sorry for the red marks, she'd been laying on her side for a little while before this was taken!)

ok dinner is served so gotta go!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

gimme some sugar....

ok, quick post of some recent work...... I actually tattooed the image from the front page of on a ladies lower back yesterday, but by the time we had finished her pores had opened up so much, he skin looked so way to get a half decent pic...... hopefully she'll be in for some other stuff on her stomach so maybe a healed pic?! *fingers crossed*

anyways, here's what i did at the end of the day today..... Kit's other leg, madame skully to match monsieur skully we did about a week ago......

nice n fun to do......

and yesterday after the lower back that was impossible to photgraph (grrrr) i did this lil' superhero on a super sweet guy from the land down under. He had some pretty sweet tattoos, full sleeves, and from what i could see from the work on his legs, there was all sortsa crazy cartoon stuff...... super mario, south park.... i cant even remember what else i spotted.....

lastly, the fantabulous Jill Trilling did a lil' Milo tattoo for Ross.... (it's a much better photo than the one on me she did...... coz i ripped this one off her facebook......) more of her work HERE!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

new tattoos of not so new dogs!

Just a super quick post about MY NEW TATTOO! Jill did an awesome lil' Milo tattoo on me! love it!

Anyways, gotta rush......

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

it's not goodbye, it's just farewell....

ok, so my first customer totally forgot about our appointment (it does always worry me a little when people forget they are getting tattooed....i think it's just coz when i have an appointment to get tattooed, i can't think of anything else!) anyways, he was apologetic and he's coming in to make a new booking later this nothing lost and nothing gained there.....

it did mean however that i got to start a new painting....which is never a bad thing! I'll be sure to post it when it's finished (it may be a while coz i have a crazy hectic schedule this week......

so luckily my second appointment did not forget..... and this is what i did...

he really liked the Priscilla the pilot print i did but wanted it changed up a bit, so i was more than happy (I'm under exaggerating....i was super eager) to do this one! it's on a really good regular customer who has run outta lower leg space so is starting on his arms which aint a bad thing at all!

anyways, it's late and i'm gonna try and make a late showing at the cinema..... so..... farewell

Monday, May 3, 2010


Sorry, did i say catfish? i meant Mimi the kitty and her pet Koi......

So this is what i did all day today...... was a fun piece, we had to make the Maneki Neko have the same markings as his very own cat, so it was kinda fun n different!

the water is a wash (grey not the blue) so will heal lighter than it looks now by the way....

After this, i was just about ready to go home (i was at the studio alone today coz Ross has been really ill.....) so it was a long day not only tattooing but trying to deal with phone calls and customers and tattooing simultaneously.... (impossible by the way, god knows how many pairs of gloves i got through today!) anyways..... i was ready to go home when i suddenly realised i haven't (HADN'T now.....!) drawn tomorrows tattoos, so it was a late one again..... tomorrow should be a fairly early one in comparison to every day this week, coz even if i have drawing to do, i have a WHOLE DAY OFF before my next work day to do it!

ok, gonna watch a movie, so til next time y'all.....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

pull your socks up!

ok, so super quick post before i get some shut eye..... it's 5am, so it's much needed..... much needed indeed.

anyways, here's the sock i finished up today. it was super impossible to get a good shot of this, believe it or not these pics are without flash, so all that glare at the top is literally just shiny shiny legs!

there's a little superficial staning too, from all the mid tones, but these pics'll do!

this is what it all ties into on the other side..... (shiny.....i know!) which we did back in february.

ok, so sleep time..... my bed is definately calling my name.... hopefully will have tomorrows tattoos all ready to post at a much more sociably acceptable hour! no prmoses though.... no promises......

it's been a long day

It's been a long day
Breaking my back for pay
It's been a long day
Working my life away
-American Steel

So quick post before i head home..... its almost half 1 in the AM, and i just finished designing tomorrows tattoo. gonna be a goodun me thinks!

Anyways, busy busy busy today, finished off a sock i been workin on for a while now, and did this lil' guy straight after......

we'll be doing the other calf with this gentleman's other half next week.

anyways,gonna head over to the 24 hour supermarket (more like a hole in the wall that happened to sell almost enough stuff to rustle up a half decent meal with) but....what can ya do?

hopefully later on tonight/this morning i'll be able to post the sock i finished earlier..... til then, or til next time.......remember...
the friends you keep are what you deserve, and the life you lead resembles a steaming turd.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vulcan salute

If I were human, I believe my response would be: 'go to hell'. If I were human.
--Spock in 'The Final Frontier'

OK, finished that painting i started yesterday. came to work early to do more, and stayed back late n all. but done is done, and it's done!

I am a HUGE star trek fan, (to be honest i'm more in to next generation, i think Picard is the greatest captain ever, *he's not gay.....he's french.... and can someone just punch Wesley in the face for me?!*) but anyways, over to Spock......

(that's a real star trek font in the banner, and if u r wondering what's up with my name in the top left, that's a vulcan "A")

I've been wanting to draw this for over a week, but just couldnt find the time, so i'm super relieved to have it finished. (by the way, his blood is green... yes, coz vulcans have copper as an oxidising agent in their blood) i'm not normally a fan of green but figured i'd go all out with this one.

It's a shame you can't tell that the glow is metallic pink paint i recovered from my last voyage to the future..... hold on....i'll post a photo so y'all can see......

(i relined all the black after that pic, but at least you can see the super futuristic high tech resin effect..... yup.)

hmmmm, i think 2morrow i'm gonna go buy another fan collective boxset.... i really want the time travel one.....

my star trek collection is nearing on obscene but i cant seem to get enough..... i already have EVERY SINGLE Next Gen episode on DVD, all of voyager, all the original + all the movies, the borg fan collective, the Q boxset, a book on Q, a few star trek novels, and DOZENS and dozens of star trek and next gen comics (1st editions....mostly picked up in singapore 2 years ago at the 1st sing tattoo convention) oh, a also got a sweet star trek keychain when i was at the doctor who museum in blackpool (go figure) and ross recently bought me a Doctor Phlox figurine too..... just like this one.....

in other news, how awesome is this thank you gift for doing a tattoo?! BEST EVER!

so all in all a good day.... 2morrow i got a few sweet pieces in so hopefully more blogging soon!