Friday, May 21, 2010

he rocked and rolled

so my poor poor last customer (awesomely named ELVIS!) struggled so so much on this. i got a little worried when 5 mins in he already needed a break, the outlines were quite an ordeal, there was no stillness,and i got kicked in the ass a couple times (literally....his legs were flailing).
anyways, after the outlines we bactined (i'm making up verbs aren't i?!) the hell outta his poor poor rib cage, and the shading when by like a breeze.

anyways gotta run, my next customer is here, but i'd like to give 10 points to elvis for naming himself elvis, and another 10 points for sitting through the whole thing..... we didnt think he was gonna get out alive!

alos, 10 points to mister cake, for being called mister cake, and for following my blog after my rant...
lastly 10 points to debra who coincidentally started following about 1 min before my rant.

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