Sunday, May 16, 2010

feeling blue

so not much tattoo-wise to blog about. today was spent colouring a small section of a VERY large tribal piece, and ended with 2 cover-up's on one girl. so figured i'd post the new page i started in my sketchbook after work.... i've done more to it since this photo was taken but it's nearing on 2am so i figured it's best if i start heading home coz it aint gonna get finished tonight.

i completely forgot to scan the linework before i started colouring, which kinda sucks coz i was thinking bout using this on my new website..... i guess i could find a fancy frame for it and maybe still use it coloured..... bah, i dunno. anyways, milo is getting far too comfortable on our shop sofa, so i figure i'd better start getting him awake enough to leave! til next time y'all.

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