Thursday, May 20, 2010

thumbs up!

it's not everyday you get a thumbs up in your photo! what a fun little find (i really don't pay enough attention!) here's a picture from ye olde archives....

anyways, did this sailor jerry 1-shot today... was fun, for flash! (we did change an eagle to swallows but other than that, it was exactly as is.)

i've been really ill these past 2 days, some sorta throat malfunction of sorts.... but it didn't stop me going to mister payne's music quiz of ROCK! last night... we came 2nd, beaten by 1 measley point, that we shoulda gotten coz we all knew at least 1 answer that we umm'd and ahh'd about.... oh well, second place aint too bad! til the re-match rival rock maestro's... til the re-match!

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