Tuesday, May 11, 2010

something old, something new, and never too busy for you!

so i had an awesome repeat customer back from the states, i never get more than a few days notice but i always do my best to squeeze her in. i always love doing what she wants, so it never seems like a chore!

today we started off a lil' piece on her toher side, and we hope to finish it before i move away...... (get back asap! i LOVE MONKEYS!!!!!) anyways, here's the beginning to another evolving piece......

on her other side she has 4 seperate pieces that have tied into 1 awesome piece..... here's what was readily visible without too much clothing being shed! (always great to get healed pics too....... sorry for the red marks, she'd been laying on her side for a little while before this was taken!)

ok dinner is served so gotta go!

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