Saturday, October 30, 2010

Giggidy giggidy

so been a busy few nights! last night we went to go see Tor's band, Lucifer Star Machine. We'd never seen them play, so that was pretty rad. Tor's like the unexpected and premature love child of Danzig and Mike Ness on stage. good stuff.

Tor's the mean looking mother fucker in the middle. He's not that mean. Probably does fuck mothers though.....

Tonight we're gonna catch Demented are Go! and tomorrow we got the most brutal line up of Sick of it all, Madball, Knuckledust, Dead Swans and some other tough guy stuff.

In other, much more pressing news, it seems a "dead head" is no longer reserved for stoner groupies of The Grateful Dead...... behold......

Thursday, October 28, 2010


argh today sucked immensely. started off deceptively well, with a really nice tattoo on a really nice girl from Sweden. Anyways, took photos with shop camera as mine was outta juice, and then.... as if by magic, or some kinda doom-fate (no it's not a real word, dont use it in Scrabble)... the pictures just... *VANISHED*

so no pics, and i couldn't call her to come back coz of the whole Sweden thing. Hopefully she'll get my e mail and come in tomorrow. grrrrrrrr

anyways, here's the stencil.....

doesn't really do it justice but i'm not a fan of no picture posts.

in other news i discovered NONE of my stuff i shipped has even left Hong Kong coz the bullshitting shipping company thought i hadn't paid insurance... which i had..... and found the fucking receipt today!

So now it looks like i gotta wear the same 5 or so t shirts i have for another month while i wait even longer for my stuff to arrive.

lets hope tomorrow goes smoother, eh?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

cover up you cheep bird!

so here's a fun little cover-up i did today.

no flash so may look a little washed out, although it was all quite soft colours anyway. (still getting my head around taking photos in the studio with flash=weird)

unfortunately i've been using a measly 1G memory card in my camera, and had to clear space for stuff so don't have the before pic, but it was an old blown out kanji.

in other news, i almost went and took part in the worlds largest lego mosaic ever.....and it was Star Wars themed..... but..... i didn't. sounded like fun though.

Lastly, i may be getting tattooed by someone pretty pretty good, but i'm not gonna blog about it til it's set in stone.... or set in skin, coz i know how good things like this rarely ever happen to me!

Oh, (really lastly..... i promise) i received some pretty awesome halloween cupcakes in the mail today. genius. cupcakes.... in the mail. 

SEND MORE CUPCAKES! (fuck the paramedics)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

better late than never

ok, so apologies for my epic hiatus, which seems to be never ending as i still have no internet at home. anyways, it's my day off and i've been trekking round trying to find somewhere with free wifi so i can at least post a few pics of what i've been up to. so i've settled for a diner, where i've just ordered pecan pie and listening to Willie Nelson, can't complain.

anyways, seems half my photos at work come out really yellow tinted, so i'm actually not posting as many as planned..... so apologies again. (i promise once i get this weird nicotine photo filter sorted, i'll post many more, but for now, here's 2 pics.


for some reason every pic i took of these came out awesome, flash, no flash.... whatever!

this next one on the other hand, has some of that yellow business i can't seem to figure out, so apologies.... 

it's kinda oozy too, but this is the best i got outta a bunch o' crap. this is a cover up of an eratic and apparantly ever growing (although i find it hard to believe she really kept tabs with it) birthmark.

got some more nice stuff booked in later this week, so as soon as i find myself equipped with the laptop, memory card AND WIFI i'll post some more stuff.

aside from work, we have settled into a really nice little flat with a terrace for Milo to run rampant on (once the weather sucks less).... and last sunday we went clay pigeon shooting which was pretty awesome!

so yeah, all's good in the hood and no regrets. foods better, ciders better, everything is better!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Captain's Blog....

OK, so firstly, huge apologies for my total lack of blogging recently, but as many of you know, i have been in the middle of relocating countries, starting a new job, flat hunting, and transporting chihuahua's, so it's been crazy. Also, we aint got no interwebbies where i'm staying, so it's hard work i tell ya! i have loads of photos, some new artwork and other good stuff i will be posting as soon as i get my computer, my camera, my sketchbook, a scanner and wifi in the same room, which may be a while.

Anyways, just thought i'd check in, (i'm at work @ Flamin' 8 at the moment, so anyone near by should pop by for a chat and a cuppa)

So anyways, thought i'd share what i've been reading recently, which i got as a gift from Danny before i left Hong Kong......

so far so good, and thanks Danny, it's been keeping me busy!