Thursday, October 28, 2010


argh today sucked immensely. started off deceptively well, with a really nice tattoo on a really nice girl from Sweden. Anyways, took photos with shop camera as mine was outta juice, and then.... as if by magic, or some kinda doom-fate (no it's not a real word, dont use it in Scrabble)... the pictures just... *VANISHED*

so no pics, and i couldn't call her to come back coz of the whole Sweden thing. Hopefully she'll get my e mail and come in tomorrow. grrrrrrrr

anyways, here's the stencil.....

doesn't really do it justice but i'm not a fan of no picture posts.

in other news i discovered NONE of my stuff i shipped has even left Hong Kong coz the bullshitting shipping company thought i hadn't paid insurance... which i had..... and found the fucking receipt today!

So now it looks like i gotta wear the same 5 or so t shirts i have for another month while i wait even longer for my stuff to arrive.

lets hope tomorrow goes smoother, eh?

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