Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Captain's Blog....

OK, so firstly, huge apologies for my total lack of blogging recently, but as many of you know, i have been in the middle of relocating countries, starting a new job, flat hunting, and transporting chihuahua's, so it's been crazy. Also, we aint got no interwebbies where i'm staying, so it's hard work i tell ya! i have loads of photos, some new artwork and other good stuff i will be posting as soon as i get my computer, my camera, my sketchbook, a scanner and wifi in the same room, which may be a while.

Anyways, just thought i'd check in, (i'm at work @ Flamin' 8 at the moment, so anyone near by should pop by for a chat and a cuppa)

So anyways, thought i'd share what i've been reading recently, which i got as a gift from Danny before i left Hong Kong......

so far so good, and thanks Danny, it's been keeping me busy!

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