Wednesday, October 27, 2010

cover up you cheep bird!

so here's a fun little cover-up i did today.

no flash so may look a little washed out, although it was all quite soft colours anyway. (still getting my head around taking photos in the studio with flash=weird)

unfortunately i've been using a measly 1G memory card in my camera, and had to clear space for stuff so don't have the before pic, but it was an old blown out kanji.

in other news, i almost went and took part in the worlds largest lego mosaic ever.....and it was Star Wars themed..... but..... i didn't. sounded like fun though.

Lastly, i may be getting tattooed by someone pretty pretty good, but i'm not gonna blog about it til it's set in stone.... or set in skin, coz i know how good things like this rarely ever happen to me!

Oh, (really lastly..... i promise) i received some pretty awesome halloween cupcakes in the mail today. genius. cupcakes.... in the mail. 

SEND MORE CUPCAKES! (fuck the paramedics)

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