Sunday, May 2, 2010

it's been a long day

It's been a long day
Breaking my back for pay
It's been a long day
Working my life away
-American Steel

So quick post before i head home..... its almost half 1 in the AM, and i just finished designing tomorrows tattoo. gonna be a goodun me thinks!

Anyways, busy busy busy today, finished off a sock i been workin on for a while now, and did this lil' guy straight after......

we'll be doing the other calf with this gentleman's other half next week.

anyways,gonna head over to the 24 hour supermarket (more like a hole in the wall that happened to sell almost enough stuff to rustle up a half decent meal with) but....what can ya do?

hopefully later on tonight/this morning i'll be able to post the sock i finished earlier..... til then, or til next time.......remember...
the friends you keep are what you deserve, and the life you lead resembles a steaming turd.

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