Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vulcan salute

If I were human, I believe my response would be: 'go to hell'. If I were human.
--Spock in 'The Final Frontier'

OK, finished that painting i started yesterday. came to work early to do more, and stayed back late n all. but done is done, and it's done!

I am a HUGE star trek fan, (to be honest i'm more in to next generation, i think Picard is the greatest captain ever, *he's not gay.....he's french.... and can someone just punch Wesley in the face for me?!*) but anyways, over to Spock......

(that's a real star trek font in the banner, and if u r wondering what's up with my name in the top left, that's a vulcan "A")

I've been wanting to draw this for over a week, but just couldnt find the time, so i'm super relieved to have it finished. (by the way, his blood is green... yes, coz vulcans have copper as an oxidising agent in their blood) i'm not normally a fan of green but figured i'd go all out with this one.

It's a shame you can't tell that the glow is metallic pink paint i recovered from my last voyage to the future..... hold on....i'll post a photo so y'all can see......

(i relined all the black after that pic, but at least you can see the super futuristic high tech resin effect..... yup.)

hmmmm, i think 2morrow i'm gonna go buy another fan collective boxset.... i really want the time travel one.....

my star trek collection is nearing on obscene but i cant seem to get enough..... i already have EVERY SINGLE Next Gen episode on DVD, all of voyager, all the original + all the movies, the borg fan collective, the Q boxset, a book on Q, a few star trek novels, and DOZENS and dozens of star trek and next gen comics (1st editions....mostly picked up in singapore 2 years ago at the 1st sing tattoo convention) oh, a also got a sweet star trek keychain when i was at the doctor who museum in blackpool (go figure) and ross recently bought me a Doctor Phlox figurine too..... just like this one.....

in other news, how awesome is this thank you gift for doing a tattoo?! BEST EVER!

so all in all a good day.... 2morrow i got a few sweet pieces in so hopefully more blogging soon!

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