Friday, April 30, 2010

bakin, cakin, and makin tattoos....

so i've been crazy busy at work this week, but really havent felt like blogging much, done a few cover up's, a LOT of tribal and script, and a few other bits n bobs. today i outlined a massive tribal piece that basically covers half of a guys upper torso..... but as tribal isn't my favorite thing to do, i figure i wont blog about how great it looked coz i'll get asked to more. that would be bad. so no photos of that i'm afraid!

i do have a few tattoodles, 1st up is jacky's other side of his chest we had to make it match the other side a little more than i anticipated when drawing this , so a bit of free hand wizardry and we were good to go....

2nd up is some script. i realized how much script i do (i think the last 2 posts posts.... alone are script and nothing but script) but people keep telling me i dont post enough script ( and there's barely any on the website too) so... he ya go, weird script lovers.... some more..... you guessed it! SCRIT!

in other news i finally managed to start the painting i got all excited about doing about a week ago..... hopefully i will have time to finish it tonight or tomorrow.... so keep your eyes peeled. luckily i went baking crazy last night and baked enough food to feed a small country, so all i gotta do when i get home is re-heat. awesome. more time to finish my painting........ score!

lastly, i realized i never posted pics of ross' b'day cake from King Ying.... and that just seems wrong. very wrong..... so here it is (albeit a month late)

this is the exact same cake i bough joe 10:66 for his b'day, but he was drunk when i gave it to him and the poor lil' cake probably never even had a chance....

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