Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't try this at home!

OK, so here's what happens when u let friends who can barely draw, let alone tattoo ... tattoo you! (although i know many "tattooers" like this, but that's a whole 'nother blog......). I most definitely got the better end of the deal.... Basically long story short, i have some shitty ass work on my lower left arm from when i was either young or stupid... so i'm filling it all with tattoos from friends...little bits n bobs here n there to fill the gaps. So far i got a skull off Pieman, who also squeezed in my anti-edge piece too. So the legacy continues.... Andy fancied himself as a bit of a dab hand (actually, he didn't at all.... he was shitting himself)....
In fact one of the best "that's what she said"s came outta that evening.....

"You can pull out now and i won't be offended" (andy)
"That's what she said" (ross)

OK i'm getting distracted..... So andy tattooed me. I gave him about 3 mins of tuition and he did an awesome job i think!

I'm a happy customer.....can't complain at all.

So then Ross decided he's gonna do Joe's anti edge....

I dont have a close up of this finished, so this'll have to do.... but Joe says his butt now looks like it's been attacked by a cat on crack.... so use your imaginations.... gotta be the best anti-edge ever.... after mine (sorry Joe)

So then Joe gets revenge on Ross, doing the Allan Partridge penis thing.....

he had the time of his life.... although this picture kinda makes him look like the love-child of Angel from Buffy when he's angry and Sloth from the Goonies.

Here's a better pic.....the consummate professional.

and here's his masterpiece.... (awesome linework Joe)

Andy had to get a little piece of the Partridge action and added the drips... (no final pic i'm afraid, but it doesn't look any better, let's just leave it at that!

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