Sunday, May 2, 2010

pull your socks up!

ok, so super quick post before i get some shut eye..... it's 5am, so it's much needed..... much needed indeed.

anyways, here's the sock i finished up today. it was super impossible to get a good shot of this, believe it or not these pics are without flash, so all that glare at the top is literally just shiny shiny legs!

there's a little superficial staning too, from all the mid tones, but these pics'll do!

this is what it all ties into on the other side..... (shiny.....i know!) which we did back in february.

ok, so sleep time..... my bed is definately calling my name.... hopefully will have tomorrows tattoos all ready to post at a much more sociably acceptable hour! no prmoses though.... no promises......

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