Tuesday, July 20, 2010

afternoon quickie

too busy to blog this week, what with all the work, all the backed up design work, all the gigs, and Tim being here...... BAH!

anyways, today was meant to be a designated drawing day, but i got a fun walk in and couldn't say no. it was pretty darn small, on a wrist. i think the whole thing is barely bigger than 3 inches.....

anyways, i spent last night tattooing tim after hours, but that's a different post. it needs photoshopping together coz it's a wrap-around. anyways, off to see Tim play the Wanch in a few hours. gonna be a good'un!

here's the man behind the beard.....doing what he'll be doin a little later.

Tim's playing a noise set tomorrow night at hidden agenda.... so here's a sample of that too.....

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