Saturday, July 10, 2010

when coke was still cola and a joint was a bad place to be...

so today at work turned into an impromptu Merle Haggard appreciation day. Surprisingly, no customers complained or were harmed in the making of this musically extraordinary feat... 10 points all round. Anyways, not much work wise to blog about.... think Tues is the next possible blog worthy piece i got booked in. til then it's lots of dragons (THREE in fact) and tribal extensions (I'm a lucky girl).

So figured I'd post some culinary wizardry I've been up to..... first up is a dish Ross n Richard told me about during their brief trip over..... apparently this is a really popular take away dish in South Africa.... and seeing as i don't plan on going to South Africa anytime soon, I'd figured I'd just make it.....

it's roti stuffed full of chips, cheese and curry gravy. i added some onions for nutritional value (it's vegetable.... it made me feel healthier, kinda). Ross was super dubious but i made it anyways, and it ROCKED. it tasted like a heart attack waiting to happen, but was oh so tasty!

Next up is a gypsy breakfast we had for dinner. So, i made gypsy pancakes (that's french toast to others) and used a cookie cutter to cut a hole and filled it with an egg.

i was kinda dubious about whether the egg would stay in the hole, and cook ok.... but it did! i feel like a super culinary inventor who needs to copyright this shit coz it was awesome too. sorry for the shitty pics, i didn't have a camera and couldn't let this pass, so out came the phone.

lastly, some weird yet wonderful soy milk packaging....


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